Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Get Paid to Write Online 2017

How to get paid to write online is how a person earns revenue from the internet as an author on a certain topic with certain terms through an article written on a website that has been approved and accepted there How much of your income as an article writer is different on each recipient's site, some are $ 5, $ 50, $ 75, $ 100, or up to $ 1000 per article.

There is a writer who says that they do not know how to use SEO in the articles they write there, but the article is still accepted there, because the content is more interesting and has important benefits for readers. Get paid to write articles is just one of many methods of how to earn money online from the internet that does not necessarily require profound skills like a web design or a programmer, or other professional offline work. But an online writer also needs good knowledge enough about what he will write by reading similar topics, research, browsing, and good English skills and hard work.
There is an articles site that has huge of visitors or readers is to provide other benefits for the authors, they provide the availability of the social network link on the author's profile page. So it will make it easier for loyal readers to connect through social media becomes a follower.

Thus means the greater the follower is the opening opportunity to develop business or profit financial for the author continuously. Do you know about get paid to tweet? Here is the list of some sites that can be used to get paid to write in a simple and easy. This is easy and fast money from get paid to write tips for you as extra income through internet freelance.

1. niche/category : finance, amount per post : minimum $75, payment method: paypal, payment info confirmed on website: yes, The pennyhoarder is a finance blog aimed at helping readers earn, save and grow, their income. Articles can be about earning, saving or investing money.
2. niche/category : writing, amount per post: $45 - $50. payment method: paypal/check, payment info confirmed on website: yes They accept success story and practical advice from writers and anything aimed at helping writers earn funds from writing.
3. niche/category : travel, amount per post : $100 - $150, payment method unspecified, payment info confirmed on website : yes They accept an original travel articles and they prefer being pitched before you start writing the article . They want article to be in the 1,000 - 2,000 words range and they pay $100 and $150 per article.
4. niche/category : parenting, amount per post : up to $200, payment method: unspecified, payment info confirmed on website: No, get paid to write up to $200 per article just sending their email.
5. niche/category: writing, amount per post $60, payment method: unspecified, payment info confirmed on website: yes, they accepting articles aimed at helping writers make money writing, and they prefer articles to be in the 600 words.
6. niche/category : education, amount per post : $75 - $135, payment method : paypal/check, payment info confirmed on website: yes They accept articles about education for older students, and they pay around $75 - $135 per article. They prefer writers to send a completed article instead of a pitch.
7. niche/category : healthy beauty, amount per post : $50, payment method: unspecified, payment info confirmed on website: no. They pay $50 for health and beauty related articles. You can pitch your story by contacting their editor email.

You may choose your own topics based on your expertise and your interests as the basis for writing you will do later. Please download the list of sites from get paid to write easy and legit for article. Even there is a site that can give a rate up to $ 1000 per article.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to Train a Cat Easy at Home

How to train a cat easy is how we learn the methods of another person who is experienced and managed to make a pet cat becomes obedient and smart for many years. So that we can easily paste method of copying them to our pet cats without having to conduct their own experiments that will take a long time and the possibility of failure. Although every cat has a different nature and character but in some instances have in common. it would be nice if we had a pet cat clever and obedient and have the habit of pleasing. anyhow cats as pets would be a dear friend to many people who are lonely and as a consolation never boring.

How to train a cat tips and methods that have been written in an ebook that has tens of pages is a shortcut for a business in order to have the habit to train our liking is the best way. Of course an ebook that comes with some free articles is has more value for its customers. In addition to the ebook on the internet pretty much found articles written "how to train a cat articles" for free, but will not be as complete and as much as there is in the ebook because of the limited page of the articels present which is limited by the level of boredom visitors.

An ebook will explain a lot of things we've never thought of before, so that will bring us to the understanding and knowledge of the life of the cat as living beings and as our beloved pets. We can also learn about how to train a cat fast from watching the free videos uploaded on youtube or on dailymotion or also from other video sharing sites. But it's just the look of short duration which will only inspire the spirit and raise our emotions about cats. There are so many videos like that so our time will be drained watch it, but little able to provide complete information to us about the secret lives of cats and will not be comparable with in an ebook of cat training. A great commercial ebook will be equipped with an affiliate tools like free articles, banner, audios on how to train a cat at home by your self. that will teach us about how to make our pet cats become more intelligent, handsome or beautiful and tractable.
On this ebook that I offer to you have amazing 12 part audio program covers many topics including like Getting The Right Cat For You, Cat Safety And Setting Up Your Home, Cat Nutrition, Cat Communication Explained, Grooming And General Well Being, Health Issues, Pregnancy And Reproduction, Training Made Easy, Common Behavior Problems Solved, Other Behavior Problems Solved, Getting A Second Pet, Bringing Home A New Partner Or Baby and much more. or another programs training book, video program, consultation program, how to become alpha dog, training audio book, and other bonus book. You can find more information just CLICK HERE



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