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Get Paid to Write Articles on Revenue Sharing Site

Get paid to write articles on revenue sharing sites is the way which online jobs to be done to earn money by writing some articles on the sites based on revenue sharing from google adsense placed between our articles based on CPM or CPC and also from revenue of sales with amazon. The type of this revenue sharing on different percentage between 100% or on between 50-100%.

google adsense, what is this?

Google adsense is a program from google that invites the owners of the site and blogs to joint this program to put ads on the page of site or on their blogs with revenue sharing based on cost per click (CPC) and cost per impression (CPM). This is an advantage for Sites and blogs owner who already have good traffic. Those sites or blogs owner are joining the google adsense program as a publisher. They will get a small portion of the "click" action when each web visitor clicks one of this ads. This ads is not only in a text but also on a picture, Or a combination of the two.

Google make money, advertisers can also earn money and the owners of websites and blogs (publishers) also earn a small money. Everyone got money, everyone will happy. This is a win win solution. Better for publishers should follow the rules of google adsense and the procedures strictly.

Revenue sharing site, a simple definition

Revenue sharing site is content sites that have many articles published on their sites, from various topics. The owner of this site invites writers around the world to write articles on their site and the site's owner will share advertising revenue to writers with a certain percentage that different from one to another.

Revenue sharing sites provide revenue for writers through their articles they made there in 3 ways;

1. Based on cost per impression (CPM) means revenue based on ad appearance in the side of the article per thousand impressions seen by people.
2. Based on cost per click (CPC) means revenue based on clicks made by people against installed ads.
3. Based on the purchasing by the visitor of the ads installed as affiliate link / amazon.

There is also a separate scheme called pay per view (PPV) that this site offers to the authors with a flat rate per thousand view of articles.

Get paid to write articles on revenue sharing system is the easiest way for writers to earn money quickly even in small amounts per article. There are several ways to increase revenue for authors of their articles in there which should be taken seriously and disciplined and hard work.

1. Choose topics that attract lot of traffic. Write articles on the popular topic.
2. Increase the number of articles that we create so the traffic and earnings could increase significant enough.
3. Improve the quality of articles with SEO on-page, link popularity (backlink) also click popularity, as well as unique and useful articles for visitors.
4. Doing sharing articles activity to social media network that well known and trusted, although not increase ranking of our articles directly but will affect the ranking slowly in google search result that will also increase traffic eventually.
5. Doing Research the keywords that will be used in the article that we will make through some tools.
6. Using long tail keywords to targeted visitors although have small numbers in result but will become a loyal visitor to our articles.
7. Repeating some articles with long or short tail keywords in order to get the best ranking in google search.

Get paid to write articles on revenue sharing method also has other advantages for writers in pursue this work.

1. As a place to build a good portfolio for writers in building their careers as writers in the real world as well as in internet.
2. As a good place to writing's hobby because they/we doesn't have own website or own blog.
3, As a place to improve the research capability before writing.
4. As the easiest way to improve our on-page SEO expertise of the articles we wrote.
5. As the place to learn and teach and also increase insight among the authors on various topics.

Below is the list of some of the most popular sites that you can follow in get paid to write articles on revenue sharing dollars as passive income.

1. Hubpages, This site is the biggest at among of revenue sharing sites to writing articles. With PR 6, and the number of 5.8 Million visits per month, good enough to be joined. This site gives 100% revenue to us, revenue is from google adsense and amazon affiliate program.Your article must be approved by the admin firstly, at least 700 words for each article, and free from grammatical and spelling errors. Payment at least $ 100 through check or paypal.

Hubpages homepage - screenshot

2. Infobarrel, The site is a pretty good after hubpages, with PR 4, number 260 K visits per month. This site will give you 70% of ad revenue sharing from google adsense and amazon affiliate program. Payment will be sent through check or paypal. All of your articles that submit will be approved first before publish. You are also allowed to put your website link in the profile page as a signature, which gives the advantage as a backlink to your site

Infobarrel homepage - Screenshot

3.ShoutMeLoud, have PR5 and 3.9 million visit per month. It's revenue sharing site/blog as a guest posts, You write articles and earn 100% from google adsense. All you have to do is join on their community and start write article, then put your adsense ID, and wait your article until approved before publish in there

Shoutmeloud Homepage - Screenshot

4. Dailytwocents . have 82K visits per month. This site is revenue sharing for writing articles based on pay per view, they apply a flat rate of 0.5 cent per view it's mean you will get $ 5 per 1000 view. You can also get 100% from affiliate program either from amazon or other you follow.and the payment threshold is $ 5.

Dailytwocents Homepage - Screenshot

5. Seekyt, have PR4, 32 K visits permonth. This site is a great place to write articles for revenue sharing method. You can start writing after registering and your article will be reviewed first before publishing. Writers have monetization options google adsense, chitika, and viglink. Seekyt require original articles of around 250-300 words or more. They will not pay for writers but advertisers will do. It's mean you must have your own advertisers account.

Seekyt Homepage - Screenshot

6. Snipsly, This site has PR4, good for writers earn money on revenue sharing site, they will get 80% from google adsense. Backlinking your blogs into you articles will help boost your blogs, this is a do follow link. Always make your articles with SEO on-page technic. Writing articles on this site will be profitable for your blog.

Snipsly Homepage - Screenshot

7.wikinut, the site have PR3, and 125K visits per month. Populair on europe, the site will pay for you based on pay per view. Payment through paypal. 2 ways we can make money on this site that is money from write articles and make money from inviting friends.

Wikinut Homepage - Screenshot

Better before writing the article in that sites do reading firstly of their TOS and learn about everything include Page rank, visitor per month, articles on specific categories, domain authority, page authority, trusted, and availability backlink space on our profile page. etc.

Get paid to write articles on revenue sharing program is a passive income method that will bring result significantly to the authors if will be done by create articles regularly and sustainably on some topics that have a high volume of traffic keywords or a combination of high value Keywords. The authors can do writing one article per day or more is will bring a better result in the long time in the future, That's why it's called a passive income method.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Twitter Marketing for the Products And Services

Twitter marketing method is part of the way of marketing our products and services through twitter, which is one of the largest social media on the internet. This marketing is mainly for photos of my work, twitter header cover making services, and my blog. The hope is how to get good results, and this can only be done with good and regular planning. It's not time again to twitting that just becomes a necessity or just a hobby.

Although it is still necessary for beginners to make it an experience and learning.

What is twitter?

Twitter is a social media networking site that is one of the largest in this niche with a high page rank and has the large number of visitors. Which is high almost 3 billion visitors per month, and more than 360 million active users on 2015

Twitter marketing plan should be done actively and passively in twitter account.By passively is to be oriented doing on page optimization in twitter account.This is consist of:

1.Bio profile. Here we can put some keywords or hashtags about what interests and our hobbies and professions

2. Photo profile, using a clear and good photo profile with personal photos will get a positive value for visitors and prospective followers after reading our bio profile.

3. The twitter header cover, using good graphics and appropriate photos plus sentences or words that match our niche and interest will increase the trust and interest of prospective follower visitors who will become our prospective customers.There are many designers who are able to make a nice and professional twitter cover header available on fiverr.

4. Using of personal or corporate logos should be placed in the cover area header, not as a photo profile. This logo can be used as a personal brand for small business that we run on the internet.

Twitter marketing way is one of the best social media marketing method that we can sells products and services online compared to other best social media network. But using all of the social media network together is also good in the influence on the ranking of our site or our articles in google search result on certain keywords.This is because almost all of internet users spend much of their time in a few hours per day in leading social media such as twitter, facebook, youtube, pinterest, linkedin, etc to socialize and to do business, the data has shown that way. So google think it is very important in terms of rankings and traffic and also backlinks.

Using of twitter marketingg method is also great effort of backlinks building for our site, especially for the link of our site homepage that can be obtained on the profile page of twitter. Using of twitt page that leads to the link page (not homepage) of our site it also can be tried, and the combination with pinging for link twit page with free pinging tools like pingfarm, indexkings, pingler, etc.

While we do activity on twitter regularly and everyday, this jobs must be considered to be done perfectly:

1. Tweetting 20 or more everyday, tweet or retweet. We can share it with 70% retweet, 20 $ tweet, and 10% tweet our promotion.

2. Pin our favorite tweets turn on your profile, which can make sales increase.

3. Do repeating tweet again and regularly to our favorite tweet. Repetition of this tweet can be more than once a day with the range of time is 2-3 hours each.

4. Providing the best hashtags for our tweets to be viewed and found by other twitter members, making it possible to retweet or to be read with great possibilities.Using and searching for the most popular and best hashtags can be done with ritetag which will be chosen on the smallest in retweet and most viewed. Using of a hashtag should not be too much or overuse, normally 3-5 hashtag per tweet.

5. Concentrate on how to multiply the follower according to interest and niche, or follower targeting. Although with a small amount but still growing it is better than with a large number of followers but too wide and too general.

6. Using some twitter tools for free available on the internet to help our activities on twitter.There are many tools that can be used, Like:

Ritetag, the tool to find the best hashtag based on keywords,

Unfollowspy, The tool for welcome message robot, to know recent unfollowers, people you do not follow back, etc,

Tweriod, the tool for you to find the best time to tweet

Twitonomy, we can use it to get competitive intelligence for twitter marketing strategy, like who their top retweeters were, what time they usually post, most retweeted tweets and more.

Canva, the tool for you who struggle with DIY graphics,

Agora pulse, the tool for you to check if your account performs better than your competitors

7. ask someone else to retweet our tweet or maybe pay to retweet our tweet on buy sell retweet services/site.this is one of simple twitter marketing strategy too

8. The use of good images and matches our tweets, based on the results of the Buffer study in 2015, tweets with good images have good results, 18% clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets.

9. Use advanced search from twitter to find people that fit our niche and interest and start connections.

10. Have real conversation, make it look like personally, like that we are real human not robot.

Twitter marketing is really pretty simple
In essence is how to mix from business promotion, capture and bring value, and build a good relationship with other twitter users

It's good we also read some twitter tips on the internet through google search engine or on twitter itself that adds to our wealth of insight in twitter marketing. There is so many articles in there that can be found and read it in many keywords about include tips, tricks, marketing, method, principle, tactic, and strategy in doing twitter activity.


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