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How to Make Money on Facebook Pages 2017

Facebook is the largest and most famous social media networking site on the internet. More than 2 billion users in it and 200 million of them is from USA alone. and has 30 billion visits per month.So it is very interesting people to use it for business and various other purposes including just socializing or doing make money on facebook. There have been many companies or individuals who have successfully used facebook to make a profit and depend on their lives.

To make money on facebook activities based on my experience and knowledge there are several ways that can be used easily and simple.

1. Using the Famebit site. That is a site that provides sponsors to creators or publishers in making money through multiple or one from social media network sites like youtube, twitter, facebook, and isntagram. This site is already very popular as get paid to share posts on social media account. This site has high PR 7 and has 620 K visita per month. Usefulness of this site in make money on facebook method is to apply as a creator by providing pay per post services based on a certain price based on the number of our followers on facebook. The greater our followers then the price of services that we peg the higher it is.

2. Using the Sharepop site. This site is a get paid to share a post method on social media networking just like famebit. but with a few different methods. This site has PR4 and 56 K visits per month. Good for creators or publishers in make money on facebook method. Can be combined with famebit.

3. Seoclerks. Is a site where the seller services for various purposes online, such as making backlinks, making social signal, making comment on blogs, or providing some traffic to certain countries, making articles, making banners, headers, etc. Using of seoclerks site on make money on facebook method is by offering pay per post services to our followers that we have or pay per post to our fanpage. The payment method is on paypal, payza or bitcoin. This site has a PR7 level and have 686 K visits per month. This site is great for sellers and site owners / blogs who want to be helped to improve his SERP ability in google search engine.

4. Fiverr, is a site such as seoclerks, which becomes the place between the seller of digital product creation services with the buyers directly based on the project orders at fixed prices fixed by the sellers of those stuffs. Fiverr is a third party that bridges the first two parties by providing various tool facilities that can be utilized by taking fees from completed projects. Using fiverr in how to make money on facebook method is easy to open an account in there as a seller of services based on pay per post on facebook fanpage that has been owned. This site is have good PR7 and 39.9 million visits per month.

5. Viral9, is a good site for publishers who have fanpage with a large number of followers. Because there have been many advertisers who are willing to pay for each post in the fanpage offered by the owner. income from here based on the capability of CPM (cost per impression). The minimum of our fanpage is must have at least 1000 likes if we want to join in there.Viral9 sites have PR5 and 187 K visits per month.

6.Facebook marketplace, using this tool to sell a product or service directly by choosing a city, region, or country. Products that can be sold include smartphones, T-shirt, camera, home, or car, and so on. so sort of craiglist.

7. Use your own blog to do make money on facebook method. The facebook site with the number of 30 billion visits per month is very tempting to market our blog. That means we use facebook to build backlinks and traffic to our blog. Where in our blog was installed ads network like google adsense, bidvertiser, adsy, studads, etc. That can giving us money based on CPM (cost per 1000 impression). and other methods of making money through our blogs.

8. Marketplace on forums digitalpoint, is a forum that have a high enough traffic, almost 2 million visits per month, is good enough to utilized in effort making money on facebook, that is by exploiting marketplace that exist on there. Anyone who has a digital products that can be sold must join on the forums digitalpoint for free. The Products that can be sold on there are like domain name, articles, website templates, icon set, banner design, hosting services, traffic services, etc. Using of facebook to make money through the facility of Forums digitalpoint is about for traffic, because facebook has advantages in the number of visitors compared to f. digitalpoint itself. Why should we use that digitalpoint? because they have hosting files facility, reviews and paypal payment gateway in their marketplace.

The most important thing is that the success of effort in make money on facebook method is to lie in how big the number of our followers on fanpage that we have and how the loyalty of the followers will determine how high the CTR (click through rate) of each post we make.

There are some tips that we can do to increase the number of followers or like to fanpage or on every post that we make. that is:

1. Create a new fanpage with the name according to the niche of our choice and according to the expertise we have. This name should match 1 or 2 phrases of words from certain keywords. With a short name, interesting and in accordance with certain keywords will be easy to find through on search engines of facebook site. Create FANPAGE Here

2. Make cover header of facebook's fanpage to look more beautiful and professional. Cover header that looks more beautiful and professional will attracts more visitors to see and love it or will become our loyal follower because they believe with who we are and what our goals are.

3. Make a photo profile of facebook's fanpage to become more professional or more trusted. This photo profile can be a logo or just a personal photo of us. With a photo profile that looks professional will add the attraction of our fanpage from the visitors. With a blend of professional and good looking of our photo profile and nice header cover of fanpage will be the main weapon in marketing of what we want.

4. Make a post periodically with brief but interesting descriptions and in combination by using a number of popular hashtags or hashtags that match certain keywords, in every our post we made we should be included with an interesting photo or a funny video then it will add a big attraction of the visitors to like it or become our followers. In the Description of each of our postings to increase interest of visitor we can use the word, like: WOW !, OMG, Unbelievable, Fantastic, etc.

5. Increase the number of our friends in the personal profile instead of fanpage profile as much as up to 5000 people (maximum), continue to invite him to like our fanpage, thank goodness if they also want to be our followers.

6. Using some sites like or follow exchange on the internet to increase the number of followers or likes to our fanpage, such as the site: like4like, followlike, addmefast, etc. Like4like sites are the best in my opinion in this regard, besides free is also easy and simple and with using the services of this site is guaranteed we will have thousands of followers or likes in a month if we are active in it.

7.Using facebook ads for promotions to reach notifications to thousands of people at a fairly cheap price. With this ads our post that we make will reach to the target that is wanted based on keywords and or based on geographical location. so it will raise the number of followers and like a short time on a fairly cheap price.

8. Start active in some groups on facebook for certain categories. selecting groups with the largest number of members is the best choice in how to promote our blog, website or fanpage. The first thing we do on there is read every written rule and take note of it we should also interact actively in the group by starting to comment, like or dislike.

9.Submit the link or url of our fanpage online or offline to every place. By Online we can put it on our website or our blog, or spread it to other social media networking sites like twitter, pinterest, instagram, linkedin, youtube, google plus, or tumblr, and also quora. By offline we can spread through business cards, to our car body, through flyers, or newspaper ads.

10. Try to think of starting to create your own group on facebook as a last resort in business make money on facebook. By forming an or some groups will make it easier to gather people in one container with certain niche and keywords so that we can freely make posts which makes it easy to make money.

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