Friday, February 16, 2018

How to Make Your Youtube Channel Successful 2018

Making youtube channel in the right and proper way for the video that we upload is one way to get a large number of subscriber.

In youtube the number of videos that have been uploaded has reached 5 billion, while the number of channels that have been made as many as 500 million for all genres. And for every popular type of genre has reached the number of hundred of millions of channels like music channel, game channel. and also movie channel. How can we get our channel in a popular genre to occupy on the first page of search by using certain keywords for category channel in search engine youtube in a short time?

You should first know that for some well-known genres, especially those that have occupied the top 5 - 10 channel listings of the most popular on the first page for the channel category. Will appear on every search by using certain keywords (general) on the youtube search engine on the first page tucked between the most popular videos. If we observe how they (channels) can appear there? there are five things we can observe:

1. Since the number of Subscriber that has reached the fantastic number, there are reaching millions of subcriber in that channel.

2. Because of the number of videos that have been uploaded on the famous channel.

3. Due to the Name factor used from the popular channel,

4. Or also because there is a very good description that have been made on the popular channel.

5. Or because of the age of the channel since it was first created.

6. Or because of the combination of some of the excess factors that I mentioned above. But almost no one has a combination of all the above (5) factors together.

You can see how this channel can appear on the keyword "cat videos" tucked between the most popular videos, it's because the channel turns out most popular also for the category of channel by using the same keywords.

List of the most popular channel images of the keyword "cat videos, channel" among the 94 million channels, look at the top 5 of channels

And the image below is my "cat videos" channel on green box, look at the channel name with the keyword, and the bolded word is described in 100 characters first. This channel appears in the 47th sequence of search results with the keyword "cat videos, channel" 1 week after renamed my channel from the first name my "cat" channel.

Based on my experience. making a channel to become popular fast, Thisi is how to make your youtube channel successful. There are a few steps to take:

1. Determine the type of niche that we will go to the making of channels and videos in it, the determination of the niche for the channel and this video should also pay attention to our ability to provide video for this type. are you able and ready to provide videos in large quantities? if able then set its niche options.

2. Specify a name for the channel that to be created, this determination should use two word phrases rather than a single word. Because it will feel heavy to compete with just using the name of one word. These two words we create based on the most popular keywords with the most search results on google keyword tool / planner (adwords).

3. Conducting research on youtube search engines about competitors in the category of channels based on keywords that we will use to give names from channel that we will create. how to type "keywords, channel" in search engine youtube. you will see the top of channel sequence based on that keyword. Pay attention about the channel name, description and number of subscribers, as well as the number of videos uploaded in each channel. And do not forget to see how many channels are there from the search results on that keyword. if the number is still in the millions then there is still a good chance for the channel that we will make to enter the top list of search results on the first page in a short time. But if the number of search results has reached tens of millions or hundreds of millions it will be hard to get into the first page of search results in a short time, so it still takes a long time and effort to enter into it but there is still a wide open opportunity for us.

4. Start creating channel name by clicking button / gear icon as youtube settings beside studio creator button, top right corner of our profile photo.Once open account page then we will click the bottom link is see all my channel or create a new channel.and then open page Channel for us, then click create a new channel button.

5. Start creating a good description of our channel. The description we make should contain the keyword of our channel name on the first 100 characters and using of this channel name in the field of description should be repeated only twice, that is in the first sentence line, and in the second sentence line still in 100 characters first from the description.

6. Complete the channel art with a good photo that is quite professional and in accordance with our channel name. For a while maybe we can use the photo available for free on the internet with a large size. If the photo is too large from the youtube standard size for channel art (header cover), then resize using the tool from the window that is paint software. There are many sites that provide free photos for using on social media networking. The standard size for the youtube's channel art (header cover) is 2100X1440 pixels.

7. Upload photo profile of our channel, photo profile should be adjusted with channel name that we choose to give a good effect for the visitors or choose other photo that comfort with our channel name. The photo profile size for our channel is 400x400.

8. Fill the links box with links that lead to our other social media networking accounts, such as, facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin instagram and links to our website or our blog. This purpose if for drive traffic and backlink building for those sites and blogs and also to increase number of our followers of each social media accounts.

9. Fill out email contacts with our emails intended to make it easier for fans and visitors or sponsors to connect with us for business or other purposes that may be for both parties.

10. After completion of customization of our new channel immediately upload our first video that match with the name of our channel. and do the writing of the title, description and keyword tags after the video was finish uploaded, it is an attempt to optimize the video.

11. Doing upload some videos regularly to make our channel stay at the top of channel category based on keyword that match with our channel name.

12. See the results after 1 week on youtube search engine then you will be satisfied.

The way that written in this article is based on what I do and my experience. I do it on every channel that I create and there are 5 channels and all the results is what I expect.

Thank you for your visit, and wish you success with me ... please join me on youtube and other social media account

Monday, February 12, 2018

How to Make Money on Linkedin, 6 Best Methods on 2018

Linkedin is a social media networking site specifically for business professionals and business owners and also for job seekers to interact with each other. This site has a membership of more than 500 million people and has PR10, as well as traffic numbers of about 1 billion visits per month. Same as other social media networking sites, linkedin can be used also to make money on there. Basically this site is just a tool to drive traffic to a program or sites where we can make money on linkedin.

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There are several ways that we can use to make money on linkedin like:

1.Get hired, like using your profile as a tool to attract the attention of entrepreneurs, company owners who need workers with special skills. With good view and good content from our profile in linkedin will be easier to find through search engine on there. Add multiple areas of interest , as well as the experiences and the results you earn and also possibly add testimonials. if you would consider becoming a premium member of linkedin account as a job seeker then your application will be at the top of the list and you will get a premium icon.

Do you want to get a job from a particular company, find their company page and start being their follower and be active in their group by making good comments. And always look at the list of vacancies they put there.

Try to have a good amount of endorsement in terms of our skills to increase our trust and value in the eyes of the company.

2. Market products from affiliate programs that we like or in accordance with the niche and field that we mastered. Affiliate program will give money to us based on the sales commission of the ads that we market or spread on this linkedin. Marketing products from the affiliate program should use post reviews from our blog about the product to a linkedin linkdin groups that have the same topic. If the group does not allow posted the links on there, we can send it privately.
if you have your own group then the best way is emailing them about the post review of the affiliate products from our blog. Still have no publication media ...? use linkedin linkdin profile page that you have.

3. Sell your own product in the form of digital products such as e-book, website template, landing page template, etc in the group that we have, or installed on our profile page and be active in some groups that have the same niche with the products we sell by giving quality comments. Write a few articles about our products in linkedin where we insert the text message with a link that leads to the sales page of our product.

4. Offering services online something like SEO services, article creation, website design, backlink building and so on. This offering by using our profile page easily on linkdin. This services can also be done by using third party such as fiverr or seoclerks while linkedin or linkdin used only as a tool to drive traffic to our sales page of fiverr or seoclerks.

5. Build an emailing list, by creating a group or several groups where we can collect email lists from the members, so we can send an email to them every we have a new review post of a product that we want to sell. Creating a free product to linkedin, so they are interested to join, making a product that can be sold to them, through an existing emailing list.

6. Creating useful articles in linkedin, in order to attract readers to become our follower in the field that we mastered. This article consists of less than 1000 words, by putting some of the same keywords for SEO-onpage purpose for easy yo find it in search engine of linkedin and google search engine. Adding photos, videos or graphics and data is an advantage that should not be missed. Make some articles that are almost similar but in different topic. With increasing the number of our follower in linkedin it will facilitate us to sell or market something through the article with anchor text where the link in it, will lead to the sales page of our product or affiliate product program, or just to lead to our blog.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

How To Make Money On Blogger Blog, 7 Methods in 2018

the effort to make money on blogger blog is easy and simple that is through learning and practice directly there, so that although often have mistakes and failures will be easily repaired and perfected until successful and efficient. Often times to go it can run for years.

Blogger is one of the oldest and greatest free media blogs or sites on the internet. This site was founded by pyra labs, then purchased by google in 2003 and has been used by 500 million active members and has PR9 and high traffic numbers of 194 visit per month. Blogs used in bloggers can be for various purposes, there is also a variety of beautiful themes available and easy to use and available various tools that make it easy for bloggers to express themselves online. Thus making it the most popular free blog service provider in the world at the moment this. So this is the great place for the effort to make money on blogger blog through the articles or contents that we make on there.

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The reason for people who have the effort to make money on blogger blog is :

- no need to buy a domain.

- No need to buy file hosting and bandwidth.

- no need to buy scripts and templates.

- and no need to pay for the installation of the script to the hosting site.

So we just need to focus on creating good content and marketing it and if we are also able to good design graphics in every post article, it is an added value.

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There are several ways you can do to make money on blogger blog in order to achieve optimal results, that is:

1. Using ads network to be installed on our blog on the left or right side, where our income from this program based on CPM (cost per thousand impression) or based on CPC (cost per click). Where our earnings niliai ranged from $ 1 - $ 8 per thousand view, depending on where this visitor from. The highest is coming from USA and North America. Examples of programs or sites that provide ads network are like: google adsense, infolink, bidvertiser, viglink, etc. They will usually pay us by using paypal or check.

2. Join with any affiliate program on the internet where there are many products that can be sold or marketed by us through our blog. This affiliate program will give money to us based on sales commission that we do through bannner ads image installed in our blog on the right or left. Purchase products from the affiliate program is done by the visitors who come to our blog when they read our articles. Examples of famous affiliate programs that we can follow, among others, amazon, clickbank, e-bay, shareasale and so on.

3. Market referral programs from several sites that can be trusted and proven to pay us for recruiting people to join on their site and making purchase or upgrade of their membership. There are too many referral programs that can be followed, such as PTC program (paid to click) such as NeoBux, clixsense and wad.ojooo or traffic exchange sites like easyhits4u, trafficswarm and trafficg or get paid to survey sites like swagbucks, tolune and vivatic. They will give us money based on our activeness on there by seeing the ads or because of our success in recruiting new members (referral) and they are upgrading of their membership as well as their activeness on there.

4. Offering services online, the service can be an article creation, creation of website design on PSD, creation of header cover from several social media networking, making backlinks, making logos, icon sets, action buttons, e-books, etc. This service offer would be better to use a reliable third party and have complete facilities and tools such as files hosting, payment gateway, message box, landing page, rating, etc. Some trusted third-party sites is fiverr, seoclerk, and digitalpoint. This online services is done through a banner ads image that installed on our blog on the right or left side of it.

5. Install the donation button from paypal or payza on the left or right of our blog. The donation button can be installed in the advertisement area or in the new HTML/java script area from blogger by using layout facility in there. The donation button is to get donations from donors of the visitors who come to our blog to read the articles that we make on there. This is one way to earn coins from the internet, if steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 are unsuccessful or not as expected.

6. Sell ads space directly to the visitors with a certain price and within a certain timeframe as well. This sale does not need to use a third party, because our blog is free blog (free of everything) so it will not be approved on there even though our blog is good in perfomance. it's mainly because of our domain is not a paid domain.

7. Utilizing our blog to attract visitors to be our follower in some social media networking account. Social media networking account will become a money machine for us. For example in instagram account, youtube (video & channel), facebook (fanpage and groups), pinterest (boards / groups) and linkedin, Because on the internet there are many pay per post or pay per twitt, or pay per pin etc, which provides many sponsors who are ready to pay for our activities in each of our social media networking account.So in the essence is recruiting them to become our follower in each account of social media networking of us through few articles that benefit to them on our blog, as did some famous writers with their blog. such as neilpatel, john chow, pat cashmore etc.

The seven ways that mentioned above can be done together or done only a few. The most important part of the effort to make money on blogger blog is how to get incoming good traffic or large number of visitors so it can be expected to get the appropriate results that expected.

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There are some tips to get a good number of visitors to optimize in the effort make money on blogger blog that we have created, that is:

1. Choosing a good theme that can be used to make money at your blog, which is a 2-sided theme, so we can put the ads network and affiliate programs, as well other programs in the form of banner ads image and banner ads text.

2. Making articles regularly every 3-4 days as much as we need on how to make money in various versions to dominate on google search engine on make money on keyword.

3. Perform optimization of articles with SEO-onpage techniques that are sprinkled with keywords in the tittle and the discription (the contents of the article). Keyword position on the description (the content of the article) is also very decisive on the results of google SERP, yahoo and bing, besides also pay attention to the number of keywords that used in the content of the article.

4. Share links of the article to social media networking such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, and linkedin. Sharing this article is addressed to the our follower in every social media. So it is important to pay attention and increase the number of our follower well and optimally. Using of hashtags is also important to generate visitors from other member of thoseother social media beside of our followers.

5. Using a good photo or graphic for every article we create, to improve search results in google search engine or google image. The photos and graphics also can use for every share to all of those social media networking, because the evidence has shown that every post we make in social media networking that will give a good impact on the number of visitors if using a photo, or good graphic/image and interesting on every post we made on there.

6. Link building naturally with blog comenting on some good perfomance blogs or sites (that have high PR- DA - PA and alexarank). This step will give a very good effect on SERP results from major search engines like google, yahoo and bing. Especially blog comenting on keywords and topics similar to our existing articles. Especially for blog comenting on the site or blog at the top of the first page of search results with that keyword in google.

7. Join the quora site and be active there by providing high quality answers to any questions that requested that match with the articles that we have made on our blog. Choose the most popular questions that are the same as the keyword of the article on our blog, because our goal to give an answer is to market the article links on there. The most popular questions can be seen from the number of visits (views), the number of answers and the number of its follower.

8. using email subscription or email capture to capture the visitors to be willing to provide their email address to subscribe to the articles that we make on our blog. where we can market the product and affiliate program to the email. They are will become our loyal readers of every articles on the future.

The effort to Make money on blogger blog is passive income method, which means we will get income passively for a long time even from the article that we make at the time ago continuously, unbroken, except your account in blogger in hacked, or you get banned from google or other important programs.

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

How To Make Money On Tumblr Blog On The Best Ways

Tumblr is a free blog service provider site like other blog service providers such as blogger, wordpress, webly and so on. Tumblr has PR8 and the number of traffic is about 800 million visits per mont and the number of members is about 60 million active users. Using of tumblr in creating a blog is based on a video or photo or article or combination between of the three of those purpose is very easy and fast to access, as well as many available free and beautiful template or maybe we can use paid template.

utilizing this site in an effort to make money on tumblr is very open wide and very easy to do. That is using that article with full of SEO on page to be easily found by search engines from tumblr or google search engine, using of photo and video is also a plus point which means in optimizing the SERP in Google and ultimately also raise in the effort to get the money there.But tumblr is very intolerant of post spam whose content is only affiliate links or referral programs without meaningful or beneficial value for visitors. And one note they are very anti with adfly service. If forced then your access will be blocked or banned.

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There are several ways that can be used in effort to make money on tumblr legally and easily, namely:

1. Using affiliate programs from an existing site on the internet such as amazon, ebay, clickbank, paydotcom, shareasale, or others. Using affiliate programs means we participate in selling or marketing products that are in there, through our blog (tumblr) by placing banner ads on there. They will give us money based on the sales results through our blog by the visitors, the value of giving money to us depends on the wisdom of the affiliate program respectively. This method for the effort to make money on tumblr is the second best as long as I know.

2. Placing banner ads image of the ads network on our blog especially on the right or left side. They will give us money based on the CPM system (cost per thousand impression) is a system that pays fixed to the publisher based on every 1000 visew advertisement or by using CPC system (cost per click) is a system that will pay per click from the ads that are installed. Usually they will pay by using paypal or check. Examples of network ads are google adsense, bidvertiser, infolink, viglink, propellerads, etc. And This is the best method for the effort to make money on tumblr because it's very easy and very cheap. All of you have to do is how to bring the visitor to your site/blog through your afrticles.

3. Trying to sell our own digital products using third party to serve file hosting, payment gateway, and bandwidth and information, of course they will ask for fee from every transaction that happened there. These products include ebook, photo, article, website design template, logo design, banner ads template design, etc .. Sales of these products through our tumblr blog is placing a product image or banner on the side from the blog, or create a review article of the product.

4.Offer the services of making something on tumblr through a trusted third party. These third party sites include: fiverr, seoclerks, and marketplace digitalpoint, they are trusted and have some great tools. Making services something can be a website design template creation, making articles, or making backlinks, making banner ads, or the making of header cover from social media networking.

5. Sell ads space on our tumblr blog directly or by using third party sort of advertising site marketplace with a certain price. In order to attract buyers from the visitors then our blog must have a good perfomance for example in terms of Page rank or DA score (domain authority) or also PA score(page authority) and alexarank score and how much traffic our blog. There are many third party sites that are advertsing marketplace that can be used like buysellads, and so on.

6. Sell template design for tumblr blog with good price directly on tumblr. You can check out the design template for the tumblr blog on there that will become a source of inspiration for your design work. If you are just a designer who is less expert in terms of code and scripts html and java script then try to work with a programmer individually and permanently, but must keep the NDA / non disclosure agreement

7. Placing the donation button from paypal or payza on the right or left side of our tumblr blog. Who knows anyone would like to donate our contribution in providing valuable information to the visitors. There are many people who have excess money but do not know what the money is for. But to be successful in this case the main requirement is to have a large visitor traffic and posts that bermanfat, interesting and unique. This path does feel low self-esteem because this action is like begging to find a change, but this is the last path that can be taken

8. If you already have a high traffic visitors try to use youtube video got us to get visitors from tumblr blog in order to get money from our video from sponsors or fansfunding.that is by posting videos from youtube to tumblr blog post especially for the same niche please note about tittle and keyword tags for easy to find tumblr search engines and google and other major search engines

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besides how to make money in tumblr as mentioned above should also consider some tips on how to use tumblr blog for get followers and many readers:

1. Use the name to tumblr blog in accordance with the targeted niche and contains keywords 2 phrases, so easily found in search engines. The keywords used should be selected which has a high search rate in google by using google keyword tool.

2. Diligently create a blog post and reblog every day maximum 50 reblog for easy to get follower if it is an article should be added with photo or videos with seo-onpage techniques in the articles.

3. Disseminate every post and reblog we make to other social media networking like twitter, facebook, linkedin, or pinterest. The goal is to get quality traffic or backlinks, especially in pinterest (for backlink building).

4. Placing widgets from other social media networking on the right or left in our blog tumblr, to market our post there or our fanpage have.

5. Increase DA score or its PA score and PR (pagerank) and also the number and quality of backlinks to tumblr blog we have more value than not do anything.

The effort to make money on tumblr blog is easy and also difficult, but everything will be solved by itself that is by doing the practice directly. Where failure will make us more perfect. Failure is delayed success.

We must always keep learning and try another tips and trick that found on the internet about the effort to make money on tumblr as our experience to make more our succeed.

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