Thursday, May 11, 2017

Make Money on Your Photos Online 2017

Make money on your photos through online is a simple way, is how to earn money online selling your own photos through internet with third party as intermediary.
A person before deciding to become a professional photographer will definitely become an amateur photographer first as learning and training so that the results will be equivalent to a professional photographer. In fact A professional photographer will experience many failures in a long time before properly make money photos seriously with significant results. It's good before making the submission of photos for sale is to conduct research on the latest type of photos trend or type of photos that became best selling in the last year through google search engine.

There are some successful photographer can make a lot of money by selling only small numbers of photos. But there are also many photographer who in make money on selling your photos by uploading photos in numbers and frequencies as well as simultaneous to some free stock photo sites.

Here are some tips and tricks for how make money on your photos to sell pretty good.

1. Upload many photos in some categories, eg: nature, fruit, flower, people, sport, business, animal, etc.

2. upload in bulk for one category and simultaneously to some free stock photo sites.

3. Do research toward photo trend and best selling photo.and make the same type of photo according with what became the trend and the most popular photos or best selling at the time.

4. SEO on page on every photo to be sold, including tittle, description, tags, have the same type of the keywords and interrelated.We recommend that using the number keywords is about 17 keywords to maximize the search result on the site. Using keyword on the tittle and on the first text at the description will give a good result on search result of the site's engine box.

5. Do quality and quantity backlinks on the photo's page that you will make as a master piece of your work. In order to easy access ls search engines primarily to generate search results on the first page on the majority of search engines.Quality backlink means the development of backlinks manually by the number as much as possible with links on sites that have high PR (page rank) and high DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority), avoid developing backlinks by using robots or automatic backlinks and on sites with low page rank and DA as well as the PA.

This is the list some of free stock photos sites that we can use it as how to make money on your photos method:

1. Dreamstime: PR 7, have 17,555,259 users, have 23,5 Million visits per month, a leader of stock photography since 2010, get paid per upload and download, $5 per referral signup.

Dreamstime Homepage - Screenshot

2. 123rf :PR7, have 29.3 Million visits per month, average price of $0.30-$2.50 each, min. withdraw is $50, earn 15% per person your refer, have more than 77 million photo stock.The site is pretty good because it has a high percentage of photo reception rate above 50%

123rf Homepage - Screenshot

3. shutterstock, PR 8, 71 Million visits per month, 125 million images and clips, Shutterstock was launched in 2003, earn 20% commissions by referring customers, $1.88 per download on demand, $28 per download on enhanced, minim pay out $35 in paypal and check.This site has paid more than $350 million to the photographers.

Shutterstock Homepage - Screenshot

4. Fotolia, PR7. 9 million visit per month, $50 minimum pay out, paypal & check, jpeg minimum resolution 2400 x 1600 pixels, File size must be less than 30 MB.This site includes on the oldest in the category of photo stock and owned by adobe company. They have over 4 million buyers, and they offer royalties between 20-46%.

Fotolia Homepage - Screenshot

5. the great community for photography where we can sell and share and also give comments like other social community. the best part of this site is we can sell our photos on marketplace without waiting to approve from the admin.The site has PR 6 and 18 million views per month.There are several ways to earn money from this site, which is direct selling our photo in the marketplace, the second is to sell our services as a photographer to customers who need it through our portfolio in there.

500px Homepage - Screenshot

6. Eyeem, this site is almost the same as 500px as a marketplace as well as a photographer community. But unlike 500px on each photo we sell must get approval of the admin first, whether classified as having commercial value, or the quality of the photo we upload. In the minimum earning from the sales of photos we can directly withdraw to our paypal even if only $2 only.

Eyeem Homepage - Screenshot

7. Alamy, this site has 60 million photos and give 50% income to the photographer, and allow them to sell their photos to other sites.

Alamy Homepage - Screenshot

8. iStockphoto, a great site to start selling photos there. We can earn on 15% and can increase to 45% depending on popularity of our photos.

Istockphoto Homepage - Sceenshot

9. Canstockphoto, the site that has PR4, and has 20.27 million visits per month, is very easy to use by photographers. You will need to be approved first,which simple process where you have to submit three images to the site's editors.Payment method with paypal, can earn up to 50%, minimum payout is $50.

Canstockphoto Homepage - Screenshot

10. bigstockphoto, the site have 33 million stock photos, PR6, and have 4.19 million visits per month,

Bigstockphoto Homepage - Screenshot

11. Photomoolah. The site have 6.5 K visits per month also with its own unique method of selling and purchasing photos from the contributors. They run the system by way of contests of the required photo. For example they are looking for "australian and european kids playing outdoor" photos, offering a $200 Prize. On another occasion they are looking for "unique selfie shots in singapore" with a reward of $200. Prizes can be up to $500 per contest but most prizes are $100- $200.

Photomoolah Homepage - Screenshot

12. Pond5, Have PR5, 4.11 million visits per month, a great site for contributors, because they provide 50% revenue from sales of photos, videos, and prices of each photo or video determined by the contributors themselves. But the photo you sell must get approval from the admin, and the site has a very low percentage of the acceptance of photos that can be sold there.

Pond5 Homepage - Screenshot

13. imagekind, PR5, 216 K visits per month, the site is good enough for the photo we sell, after we received as a member as a contributor, we can upload many photos of ours on certain categories you choose, almost 100% of the photos will be approved in there .

14. Smugmug, PR7, 7.96 million visits per month, offers a "pro" package, this platform gives you the opportunity (contributors) to your work in a massive store front and manage all of your orders.

Smugmug Homepage - Screenshot

You can use Free photo editor software to edit the photos about brightness, contrast, and color balance that available on internet or maybe try the cheap software to do this work, and also maybe we can do editing all the our photos to reduce the noise with free or paid the software of photo editor. This is a great way to make money on your photos on good quality for high percentage acceptance on some sites.

Make money on your photos online on stock even though it is not easy to achieve the income as expected, but quite good if we as a photographer continue to learn and try various ways to improve the quality of photos sold in the future due to many tips for photos on the internet that can be found through google or social networking media.

Get paid an average of $2-$5 per photo
Earn up to $25 per photo
Earn up to $200 for 4k photos

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