Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How to Make Money on Pinterest Boards, Easy Steps on 2018

Pinterest is one of the largest social media networking sites in the world in addition to other social media networking, for example: twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube, tumblr, myspace, and google plus. With a membership of over 200 million peoples by 2017 and most of them are women, and have PR10 and the number of traffic is nearly 1 billion visits per month. is a good potential medium to be exploited by marketers, advertisers and site owners or personal blogs to improve traffic or build backlinks and then increase sales.

The most important thing to be more paid attention in the effort of making money on pinterest is the increased potential of our boards is how to get the great number of our boards followers based on a certain niche or keywords. Because with a large number of followers will be easy to reach and seen by many people, every time we make a post or pinning into a particular board as well, so the number visits to our blog or website or even numbers sales will increase significantly.

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Briefly there are 6 simple and easy steps can use for make money on pinterest on the boards:

1. Spread some articles from your blog about any topic that has high potential of visitors based on certain keywords to our pinterest boards. Where on the inside of the blog there is an article that you have shared and has installed ads network that will give you money based on the CPM (cost per thousand impression) system. This system offers you earnings ranging from $ 5 - $ 8 per 1000 views, depending on where visitors of your blog or website come from.

This tactic is not just for articles about making money on pinterest in building traffic but also can be used to build backlinks for your web / blog page that contain the article, and of course also to increase sales.

If you don't have any blog? just start a free blog on blog service providing like blogger, wordpress, webly and tumblr

2, Sell real products (physical products and digital products), the products of yours with captions and images are hosted on certain e commerce sites. eg, ebay, etsy,etc.

We use pinterest is to drive traffic and backlink building and build customer or audience (followers).

Or maybe you want to try to sell digital products such as ebooks, articles, logo templates, banner templates, website templates, photos, videos, landing page templates on the sites like etsy, envanto, marketplace on digitalpoint, dreamstime, themeforest, 123rf, etc. You can put your link of product page on your own pinterest boards to get repin by others, it's you will get traffic (visitors), backlinks, and sales.

3. Try to sell any kind of services at fiverr, seoclerks, or monsterbacklinks. The services like build backlinks, articles, traffic, visitors, social media bookmarking,create blog commenting, etc for cheap price. This services with the link service page may put on your specific boards on the pinterest. this way will give you traffic, backlinks, and maybe sales.

4. Try to become a pinterets consultant or professional on pinterest. With your high activity in pinterest, you will become an experienced person, understand, and smart to use the pinterest in everything. Includes grabbing followers, making boards, pinning, creating groups, so you can help others to use pinterest to be more expert with a certain fee.

5. Utilize affiliate network programs as publishers to market their products to earn commissions on sales. Marketing products from affiliate programs can be directly from their links to specific boards that we have in pinterest or through our blog where the banner of affiliate program is installed on our blog. So that we get is an increase in backlinks, traffic, money from CPM ads network, as well as sales commissions from the affiliate network. and also increase the PR of our blog from there (pinterest).

6. Join on pay per pin program or site like loop88. This is similar system to pay per post on facebook or pay per twitt on twitter or also pay per post on our blog. This program can run if our account has a follower with a lot of numbers (minimum 6000 followers) and the level of loyalty of the follower is also high. Pay per pin refers to our certain boards on pinterest that have a great number of followers. So the sponsors or advertisers are willing to pay for what price which we set for once pin or post on there.

7. Start trying to make a boards or groups with a certain niche become very meaningful on the internet with the great number of pinning and repins and also on high follower.

Working actively in pinterest to make money on there is the same way and as difficult as how to make money on twitter, facebook or other social media. Perseverance and patience as well as hard work never give up and also continue to do the learning process and practice directly on there will become the key of success of this business.

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