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How To Make Money On Blogger Blog, 7 Methods in 2018

Making money on blogger blog is easy and simple that is through learning and practice directly there, so that although often have mistakes and failures will be easily repaired and perfected until successful and efficient. Often times to go it can run for years.

Blogger is one of the oldest and greatest free media blogs or sites on the internet. This site was founded by pyra labs, then purchased by google in 2003 and has been used by 500 million active members and has PR9 and high traffic numbers of 194 visit per month. Blogs used in bloggers can be for various purposes, there is also a variety of beautiful themes available and easy to use and available various tools that make it easy for bloggers to express themselves online. Thus making it the most popular free blog service provider in the world at the moment this.

For people with hobby writing and using it to make money on internet then is a great tool for it, because:

- no need to buy a domain.

- No need to buy file hosting and bandwidth.

- no need to buy scripts and templates.

- and no need to pay for the installation of the script to the hosting site.

So we just need to focus on creating good content and marketing it and if we are also able to good design graphics in every post article, it is an added value.

There are several ways you can do to make money on blogger blog in order to achieve optimal results, that is:

1. Using ads network to be installed on our blog on the left or right side, where our income from this program based on CPM (cost per thousand impression) or based on CPC (cost per click). Where our earnings niliai ranged from $ 1 - $ 8 per thousand view, depending on where this visitor from. The highest is coming from USA and North America. Examples of programs or sites that provide ads network are like: google adsense, infolink, bidvertiser, viglink, etc. They will usually pay us by using paypal or check.

2. Join with any affiliate program on the internet where there are many products that can be sold or marketed by us through our blog. This affiliate program will give money to us based on sales commission that we do through bannner ads image installed in our blog on the right or left. Purchase products from the affiliate program is done by the visitors who come to our blog when they read our articles. Examples of famous affiliate programs that we can follow, among others, amazon, clickbank, e-bay, shareasale and so on.

3. Market referral programs from several sites that can be trusted and proven to pay us for recruiting people to join on their site and making purchase or upgrade of their membership. There are too many referral programs that can be followed, such as PTC program (paid to click) such as NeoBux, clixsense and wad.ojooo or traffic exchange sites like easyhits4u, trafficswarm and trafficg or get paid to survey sites like swagbucks, tolune and vivatic. They will give us money based on our activeness on there by seeing the ads or because of our success in recruiting new members (referral) and they are upgrading of their membership as well as their activeness on there.

4. Offering services online, the service can be an article creation, creation of website design on PSD, creation of header cover from several social media networking, making backlinks, making logos, icon sets, action buttons, e-books, etc. This service offer would be better to use a reliable third party and have complete facilities and tools such as files hosting, payment gateway, message box, landing page, rating, etc. Some trusted third-party sites is fiverr, seoclerk, and digitalpoint. This online services is done through a banner ads image that installed on our blog on the right or left side of it.

5. Install the donation button from paypal or payza on the left or right of our blog. The donation button can be installed in the advertisement area or in the new HTML/java script area from blogger by using layout facility in there. The donation button is to get donations from donors of the visitors who come to our blog to read the articles that we make on there. This is one way to earn coins from the internet, if steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 are unsuccessful or not as expected.

6. Sell ads space directly to the visitors with a certain price and within a certain timeframe as well. This sale does not need to use a third party, because our blog is free blog (free of everything) so it will not be approved on there even though our blog is good in perfomance. it's mainly because of our domain is not a paid domain.

7. Utilizing our blog to attract visitors to be our follower in some social media networking account. Social media networking account will become a money machine for us. For example in instagram account, youtube (video & channel), facebook (fanpage and groups), pinterest (boards / groups) and linkedin, Because on the internet there are many pay per post or pay per twitt, or pay per pin etc, which provides many sponsors who are ready to pay for our activities in each of our social media networking account.So in the essence is recruiting them to become our follower in each account of social media networking of us through few articles that benefit to them on our blog, as did some famous writers with their blog. such as neilpatel, john chow, pat cashmore etc.

The seven ways that mentioned above can be done together or done only a few. The most important part of the effort to make money on blogger blog is how to get incoming good traffic or large number of visitors so it can be expected to get the appropriate results that expected.

There are some tips to get a good number of visitors to optimize in the effort make money on blogger blog that we have created, that is:

1. Choosing a good theme that can be used to make money at your blog, which is a 2-sided theme, so we can put the ads network and affiliate programs, as well other programs in the form of banner ads image and banner ads text.

2. Making articles regularly every 3-4 days as much as we need on how to make money in various versions to dominate on google search engine on make money on keyword.

3. Perform optimization of articles with SEO-onpage techniques that are sprinkled with keywords in the tittle and the discription (the contents of the article). Keyword position on the description (the content of the article) is also very decisive on the results of google SERP, yahoo and bing, besides also pay attention to the number of keywords that used in the content of the article.

4. Share links of the article to social media networking such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, and linkedin. Sharing this article is addressed to the our follower in every social media. So it is important to pay attention and increase the number of our follower well and optimally. Using of hashtags is also important to generate visitors from other member of thoseother social media beside of our followers.

5. Using a good photo or graphic for every article we create, to improve search results in google search engine or google image. The photos and graphics also can use for every share to all of those social media networking, because the evidence has shown that every post we make in social media networking that will give a good impact on the number of visitors if using a photo, or good graphic/image and interesting on every post we made on there.

6. Link building naturally with blog comenting on some good perfomance blogs or sites (that have high PR- DA - PA and alexarank). This step will give a very good effect on SERP results from major search engines like google, yahoo and bing. Especially blog comenting on keywords and topics similar to our existing articles. Especially for blog comenting on the site or blog at the top of the first page of search results with that keyword in google.

7. Join the quora site and be active there by providing high quality answers to any questions that requested that match with the articles that we have made on our blog. Choose the most popular questions that are the same as the keyword of the article on our blog, because our goal to give an answer is to market the article links on there. The most popular questions can be seen from the number of visits (views), the number of answers and the number of its follower.

8. using email subscription or email capture to capture the visitors to be willing to provide their email address to subscribe to the articles that we make on our blog. where we can market the product and affiliate program to the email. They are will become our loyal readers of every articles on the future.

Making money on blogger blog is passive income method, which means we will get income passively for a long time even from the article that we make at the time ago continuously, unbroken, except your account in blogger in hacked, or you get banned from google or other important programs.

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