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3 Revenue Sharing Program for Videography

Using of revenue sharing programs to make money online has penetrated into various digital products widely including in the videography field. The use of revenue sharing programs in the photography field has been applied in various ways or methods which all of them are sufficient to provide good results for various parties who follow it. Just as in using of revenue sharing programs in the photography field, this type of program and the site and its users in some ways have many similarities.

This program will continue to be superior in making money for content creators and website managers who run the program, because it is considered to be very profitable in the long run, besides being easy to use and very reliable.

In general, based on observation, there are only 3 types of revenue sharing programs, that is

1. The first type of the program that uses a third party as a source of income that will be enjoyed by the organizer and content creator. The sources of income or finance are usually advertisers who work with ad networks that are trusted and popular.

2. The second type of revenue sharing program that still uses or utilizes advertisers as a financial source that will later be enjoyed by two parties, namely the organizer's site and the second party's that is content creators, but different from the first type, on here the advertisers directly work with the organizers there so they don't take advantage of existing ad networks.

3. The third type of revenue sharing program is a type that only connects 2 organizers, that is the site manager and content creators. While the amount of revenue sharing has been determined by the site manager unilaterally and approved by the content creator, which of course has been considered fairly for both parties.

Whatever type of revenue sharing program that is developed will still be attractive and beneficial to all parties as long as it is obeyed and implemented in a disciplined and honest manner, so that no one feels that there has been a disadvantage in the implementation, especially what is felt by the content creators. As in the world of videography using of the 3 types of revenue sharing programs above mentioned has been as widely practiced as in their use in the world of photography.

In short, the revenue sharing program above mentioned in the field of videography in an effort to make money online as a way to make it a permanent or part-time job can be clearly seen on 3 well-known video sharing sites, that is:

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1. Youtube: is a video sharing site and also as the largest social media site and also a site that uses revenue sharing programs by utilizing the largest ads network site that is Google Adsense, both of which are owned by the same company, Google Inc.

This program is carried out by YouTube as a partner program for content creators in making money on there. To be able to become a partner program by YouTube, the content creators must be able to meet the requirements set by YouTube. The requirement is that a content creator must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and must have a minimum of a total of 4000 viewing hours of all the videos that they have. The revenue sharing program run by YouTube uses the CPM (cost per thousand impression) system, which is US $ 1 per 1000 views and PPC (pay per click).

And the minimum withdrawal from each accumulated income is US$50 to the local bank account of each content creator and is done via check or bank transfer. Because the YouTube site is the largest social media site on the internet based on video sharing that has successfully implemented revenue sharing programs for content creators, this makes it the best example for other social media sites. Although there are differences in the types of sites and differences in the way implementation of the revenue sharing program itself.

For content creators working and trying to make money from programs carried by YouTube is a great opportunity to fulfill all the desires that have been dreamed of so far. Because there are thousands of content creators who have become millionaires every year from YouTube all over the world. There are several sites similar to YouTube, which are video sharing sites and at the same time become social media sites that also run revenue sharing programs with or without using Google Adsense, namely: dailymotion, vimeo, vevo, twitch, etc.

2. Pond5, is a microstock site that serves buying and selling various types of digital products such as photos, videos, logos, banners, and illustrations and also connects between sellers (content creators) and buyers and runs revenue sharing programs for content creators and pond5 sites.

Pond5 site is a video sharing site in the form of video footage of short duration and also serves buying and selling transactions for the video. This site has the largest number and types of video footage collections and makes it a mainstay product for this site. Revenue sharing programs that run by the Pond5 site have differences in terms of their operations with what is run by the YouTube site, even though it is the same as a video sharing site. If YouTube uses the largest ads network, Google Adsense, as a revenue sharing program, Pond5 does not use any ads networks to run the program. Pond5 directly relies solely on the operations of buying and selling videos or photos or other digital products that are on there by collecting a portion of the revenue sharing of 70% of each transaction that comes from membership of the creator content with regular membership status. As for exclusive membership for content creators, pond5 will only get around 40% of every sale and purchase transaction that occurs on there. Exclusive membership means that digital products sold there are only in pond5 and are not sold elsewhere.

Video footage that has been uploaded and shared and also sold on there is a short duration video that is between 10 - 60 seconds, but the best is the type of video that has a about 20 seconds. There are many types of video footage sold on there and all of them are of good quality because they have passed the review test by professional reviewers who work there.

Pond5 with a high enough site status, that is PR (page rank) 7 and DA (domain Authority) 76, also PA (Page authority) 55 and a large number of backlinks that is 1.3 million and the number of traffic of 2.32 Million per month has made it as a interesting site to use as a tool to make money online by content creators through its revenue sharing program.

Some other microstock sites that also run revenue sharing programs like the Pond5 site that can be used by content creators to make money online are dreamstime, 123rf, videohive, photolia, istockphoto, bigstockphoto, etc.

3. Vidoza, is a free video sharing site that runs revenue sharing programs for content creators by utilizing advertisers who are interested in placing advertisements on every video uploaded and watched by visitors. But the program that run by the vidoza site is a bit different in terms of its operations compared to the revenue sharing program run by YouTube. It is a bit complicated in its application, but even so the program run by the vidoza site still attracts attention and is quite beneficial for the creators who join on there.

They run this program based on the CPM system (cost per thousand impressions) or by using PPD (pay per download) of every video uploaded there by content creators. This system provides different amounts of revenue in the revenue sharing program based on the country of origin of the viewers who visit existing videos. So there are 5 tiers with different amounts of income that can be given, so it can be mentioned here that: In tier 1 there is an income of US $ 30 which can be obtained by creator content if the video has been watched by 10,000 views by viewers who come from the USA, Germany, and the UK. As for the second tier, the revenue that can be obtained is US $ 20 per 10,000 views by viewers from countries: Canada, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Findland. And then on the third tier, the income that can be obtained is around US $ 3 - $ 10 per 10,000 views coming from viewers from countries: France, Australia, Japan, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherland, Belgium. And on the 4th tier the money can be around US $ 4 - $ 5 per 10,000 views from viewers from Serbia, Colombia, Bosnia, Indonesia, UAE, Brazil, Poland, Poland, Romania, Romania, Hong Kong, Russia, Bulgaria, Czech, India , cyprus, slovakia. And the last is the 5th tier with income of US $ 5 - US $ 15 per 10,000 views from viewers from Turkey, etc. This income can be withdrawn if it has reached the minimum limit of US $ 5 to each creator's paypal account.

The revenue sharing program on the vidoza site works by sharing a percentage of the cretor content. This is another interesting way for video creators to make money online through their best video works, which can be an alternative to using youtube, dailymotion or other sites that use the Google adsense ads network.

How to make money on the vidoza site to succeed I think the process is almost the same as what is done by creators on youtube in general, namely video quality, metadata optimization, video marketing and video uploading routines and then making quality backlinks. the more videos uploaded there, the greater it will be to get money on vidoZa. Only one vidoza rule that we must pay attention to is how to make our videos there so that it can bring viewers during the first 15 days, so they are not deleted by vidoza..

several sites like Vidoza that have similarities in running revenue sharing programs that can be utilized by content creators include: Gounlimited, Onlystream, Videobin, and DoodStream.

The three revenue sharing programs above which are on the 3 main sites as the best example of making money online are the observations of the writers so far that can be found, so that if there is a new revenue sharing program that is more different in its application than the above mentioned then it will later can add information to this article in the future.

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The revenue sharing program is a program that has succeeded in giving birth to new millionaires through the internet through video and photo media and articles. Especially through video media on the largest free video sharing site, YouTube. Through the youtube site, many young people continue to come from all over the world to join in trying to find good luck on this site with their best video work.

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How to Increase Youtube Views Fast Free by Yourself on 2020

Everyone who has a video on YouTube would want to increase YouTube views fast both free and paid, because this will have an impact the next which is very profitable. like the effect of a snowball that was originally in the form of a small ball then along with rolling down will bring a large impact around it. Likewise, the effect of increasing youtube views fast there are many benefits. But for a beginner this will be quite difficult to practice it may even experience failure and boredom.

It's better for a beginner as a YouTuber to concentrate on some of the videos that are considered the best and most reliable way to attract viewers than to do them on all of their videos. This video will be used as the main driving force for the popularity of other similar videos that have been uploaded still in one channel even though these videos are actually no less interesting than the main video.

Some of the videos that will be used as the driving force are the best in terms of good or good visually, image quality (contrast and brightness) and audio quality and no less important is how to write metadata that is appropriate and optimal and also a good way of promotion so nothing wrong if used to increase youtube views fast paid or free.

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Directly there are several steps or some things that can be noticed in an effort to increase YouTube views fast which I am sure will bring good impact or results that do not disappoint, including:

1. Choose the type of video or niche of videos that will be uploaded on the channel that has been created. The selection of this type of video must be in accordance with our ability to make it sustainable, choose it based on the level of popularity of this type of video by looking at the number of views of a video that is most popular. and also the types of videos that we like and are good at.

There are also several other things that can make the video very liked by the audience, are:

* contains elements of entertainment
* contains knowledge and information * The video is very unique or different from the others

2. Giving the title of each video uploaded is best to contain keywords, one-word keywords and 3-4 word keywords (long tail keywords), and the best placement of these keywords is at the beginning of each title and can be repeated again for one keyword word Where a title can have a maximum number of characters of 100 pieces.

How to find the best long tail keywords? is to use the youtube search engine itself. For example if we have a video type about waterfalls then You may type the word "waterfall" in the youtube search engine box, but because the main keywords are too large the level of competition for new videos then may try using 2-word keywords, so that YouTube will help by showing some long tail keywords that can be used for titles, descriptions and tags, and those long tail keywords are the most searched for by the search engine.

The next step, after finding an interesting long tail keyword through the YouTube search engine, is to see a list of the most popular videos on YouTube based on a search for that long tail keyword. After knowing the top 1 video or the most popular, then we open it to see and learn about the video about the title used and the list of keywords in the tags box. The title of the most popular video may we copy to the title of our new video but with a little modification in accordance with our own version but still use the long tail keywords that we choose.

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To find out what keywords are used by the most popular videos is to right-click from the video page then click the source page. Then a new window will open containing information about the html and php code. then press the CTRL + F key on your computer's keyboard then type "keywords" so that the computer will display the list of keywords you are looking for. Select and then enter into the tags box of the video you just uploaded.

3. Writing a good description will have a major influence on search results on the YouTube search engine. Writing a good description for each video is to enter the long tail keyword at the beginning of the description and enter the keyword one word several times in the existing description. The aim is to strengthen the position of videos on the YouTube search engine based on these keywords. Placement of longtail keywords and short tail keywords in the title then in the description and in the tags box will further strengthen the position of the video. The first 100 words of description will be quite a big influence on search results on the YouTube search engine for certain keywords, therefore writing in that area greatly affects the position of the newly uploaded video especially the composition of the keywords.

4. Filling the tags in the tags box in accordance with the type of keywords that have been selected both short keywords and long tail keywords make the video will be easily found by the youtube search engine. Especially the same keywords that have been used in the title and in the description on every video uploaded. Youtube will automatically limit the tags to be entered as many as 500 characters. Therefore you should choose keywords that are relevant and important. If the most important keywords to be placed are used up, you can try to enter keywords from the most popular videos on YouTube that are relevant if there is still space in the tags box.

The strength of the position and the similarity of keywords that are in the title, description and tags box will provide a good SERP on YouTube.

5. Selection of good thumbnails of videos that have been uploaded will give a good and interesting impression for viewers to watch. By default YouTube has provided a row of thumbnails that can be selected to be relied upon visually to the audience. But youtube has also provided the option to upload thumbnails that we choose or made from outside by using the button on the youtube dashboard of video details. File types that can be used as thumbnails are in the format, jpeg, gif, bmp, or png ... these files can be created through free or paid graphic creation programs such as Adobe Photoshop, and GIMP.

6. Activating the endscreen facility provided by YouTube for each video that has been uploaded by selecting an existing video and a subscribe button at the end of the video is a tactical step to market other videos. The existence of an endscreen thumbnail at the end of the video as a way to increase YouTube views fast to another video is a practical step to promote our other videos legally as if it were like increasing the page authority in a blog article. Endscreen facilities can be done effectively after having a collection of a number of interesting videos at least 2 videos. So that the more the number of video collections in the channel, the more choices will be displayed on the endscreen.

7. Channel display settings that have been owned to be more beautiful so that it has more appeal for visitors who arrive at the channel. A more attractive channel display is intended to be able to make the channel visitors to execute positively on whatever is on the channel. The point is maybe they want to watch the videos there or view the contents of the playlist, or subscribe to the channel, or just look at the video collection list.

Sample a good and complete channel page

8. Distribution of video links to various large and popular social media with the intention to get traffic in an effort to increase YouTube views fast from there and also be able to increase the strength of the video's position in the Search engine result page on Google. Even though the backlinks from this social signal are of nofollow type and do not have direct SEO power, they will still bring good results in ranking in Google for a long time.

9. Embedding activities from the videos we choose to our blog pages or sites that already exist and already have a pretty good and stable number of visits will make it easier for us to increase YouTube views fast. Therefore having a blog is a great way to do our activities on the internet, moreover many good free blogging service providers can use it.

Video embedding can also be done on video sharing sites which are very numerous on the internet with varying DA, PA and PR status, this can also affect SERP position on google search engines in the future but very slowly.

10. Using of free or paid third parties can be used in an effort to increase YouTube views fast by yourself like programs like for like or traffic exchanges for YouTube that are scattered on Google. The results achieved using this method are good enough to help increase the popularity of a video as long as it's done routinely and smartly. Examples of such sites that are the best to my knowledge are like4like dot org, with thousands of active members from all over the world and facilities there to set the duration of the video so that it can be watched at least 2 or 3 minutes, thereby reducing the possibility of experiencing a drop in the number of views.

11. Social activity in a video belongs to someone else who is similar and has the same keywords as ours. The video can be the most popular and unpopular ones found through the youtube search engine. The social activity is doing quality commentary, long and interesting so that it makes the reader curious about his comments and invites to see the channels that we have. These types of comments contain little call to look at our channel in disguised language. Therefore it is important that we have a good channel name and are in line with the type of video we have and the importance of the channel page completeness which is owned is also very influential to be executed by the visitors. Execution here can include watching videos there or clicking subscribing, or it could be just looking at the about page and who knows how to discuss on that channel.

It is also important to subscribe to the most popular type of video channel to do social activities by making the earliest comments from the video that just uploaded, this means turning on the warning bell next to the subscribe button on the channel to inform us about the latest video uploaded.

All the steps or ways to increase youtube views fast above are able to produce as desired sooner or later. And these steps or ways can be done in whole or just a few according to our ability but will still bring pretty good results. But certainty how fast the results ... I think there is no definite formula to determine it, because there are videos that for many years only produce hundreds or thousands of views, even though in good video quality, good SEO on page, good social signal. But there are also those who have just uploaded for a few days and have already reached thousands of viewers. What I know is the key to success is perseverance, patience and ingenuity.

The dominance of the selected videos in the search results pages in the YouTube and Google search engines is something that must be fought for for all YouTube creators as implementation of the method of increasing youtube views fast organically for a long and stable time. Because Google is the No. 1 search engine while YouTube is the No. 2 search engine.

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How to Get High Quality Backlink From Youtube

How to Get High Quality Backlink From Youtube

The need to get high-quality backlinks has become an important requirement and it can even become an obligation for a blogger or website owner to win fierce competition that occurs to occupy the top position on search pages on major search engines. There are many ways to get high quality backlinks and one of them is high quality backlink from youtube. High-quality backlinks are more important, although they are few in number than low-quality but high-quality backlinks. High-quality backlinks that are obtained naturally and manually will be more valuable in the eyes of Google than obtained by using a robot and too massive in a short time.

Why do we need high quality backlinks from YouTube?

Because YouTube is estimated to have become the second largest search engine after the Google search engine in terms of the number of searches in certain types of keywords and has answers to every search in the video category, this is no less important than searching in the same keywords in words category or articles . The same thing applies in the category of images with google image. So the video and image will appear along with the article site (words) on Google in certain types of keyword searches. And also due to the status of youtube position in terms of high page rank, namely PR10 and the value of DA99, PA97 and TF98 is very interesting and has a big influence on the position of our site if it is embedded links from our site, both do follow and unfollow. And what is important to remember is that YouTube is owned by Google as well so that it is a site that is very trusted by Google.

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Getting a high quality backlink from youtube means that it will improve our site in terms of DA numbers and in terms of SERP from our blog article pages for certain keywords.

The benefits gained by getting high quality backling from youtube are:

1. Will increase DA numbers definitely but slowly, especially in the use of do follow backlink, the links that should be used are links to index page.

2. will also influence the increase in page rank in general from our site or blog, of course, together with the use of high-quality and trusted backlinks from large and other well-known sites that are slowly especially from the use of do follow backlinks.

3. Will increase the SERP position in Google slowly from our article page's of our blog or site, especially in the use of no follow backlinks type.

4. Will increase the number of visits to the selected pages of our site through the placement of those links in each description area of the videos that we uploaded on YouTube.

5. Will be able to increase the sales number of affiliate programs from a product that we choose that is on our blog or increase our income from the CPM program (cost per thousand impression) such as google adsense or propellerads or other similar site types.

6. Will increase the number of e-mails subscriber to become readers of each article we publish. Which means it will be a potential buyer of every product we offer through every email we send to them in the future.

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Well, briefly below, this will explain how to get high quality backlinks from YouTube for your site or blog:

1. Placement of a link to our site in the channel area of YouTube. Exactly in the box about in the channel space. The way is to get the channel button and then click on the customization of the channel and press the about button. After entering the about page, then click the url button to edit. There will be plenty of space for the placement of links that lead to the site of our choice. But only one high quality backlink that is the first. Because it is a DoFollow backlink, while the other backlinks are nofollow. So you should place your link of home page of your site.

2. Placement of the link to the description box of each video that we upload there. Link placement should be done in the first 100 words and located at the top of the description, and the best is in the second row of the description sentence that is there. The backlink that we get from there is no follow, which does not have any influence on SEO from the page links that we put there. But because the more links we put in each video we upload it will have a good effect on the SERP on Google slowly. So the more videos we upload on YouTube, the better the results for our site or blog, especially from increasing traffic numbers, both directly and organically. You should also pay attention to the relevance factor of the video with the existing link and the contents of the site or blog, you may also consider using a trusted url shiortener site, if the link or url feels too long.

3. Use of card facilities that exist on each video to make backlinks to our site or blog. This backlink is also nofollow, but it is very useful in increasing the number of visits to our site or blog. But there are requirements from YouTube before using this facility, ie you must have joined as a partner with YouTube in cashing your video there. Although this type is nofollow, but this backlink is very high quality in bringing visitors and sales figures of the products we offer through your site or blog.

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6 Revenue Sharing Sites For Photography

There are so many ways to make money on the internet and everything is pretty good provided if we know how to use it.

There is one more way to earn money on the internet that is quite easy to do, namely by utilizing revenue sharing sites that have revenue sharing programs in it. There are various kinds of revenue sharing sites or programs, including those using Google Adsense or not.

The use of revenue sharing sites in searching for dollars in the field of photography is usually in the form of free image sharing sites or microstock sites.

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And below, there are 6 revenue sharing sites for photography that can be used to earn money, namely:

1. Clickasnap, which is an image sharing site that runs paid per view programs of photos that you can upload on there. They will give you $0.14 cent per 5 second view. so the more photos we upload on there, the more income we will get. The minimum money that we can withdraw to paypal is $15. As a free member, the number of photos that can be uploaded in there are 7 photos per day. As for members who have upgraded, the number of photos that we can upload is unlimited and has the right to sell our photos there.

This revenue sharing site works with google adsense in providing revenue to the photographer who joining there.

2., a site that runs revenue sharing programs generated by google adsenses, where 100% of revenue clicks and impressions is yours entirely as a contributors or photo owners who are on there. The requirement is that you must have an ID code from Google AdSense and of course a lot of good quality photos that already to be uploaded on this stockvault site. This revenue sharing site has quite high PR6 and traffic numbers, namely: 387K permonth

Your income as a contributor on the Stockvault site is not only from Google Adsense, but also from donations of your photo users. This donation comes from the paypal donation button that installed on every page of your photo there. The amount of donation money that will be received depends entirely on the willingness of your photo users to be free but don't expect too much.

3. Freerangestock, is a revenue sharing site that shares about 80% of revenue from Google Adsense to us. To join on freerangestock site, the requirement is that you must have an ID code from Google Adsense and have a large number of photos that ready to upload there. So the system is that for every photo you upload you will have a special page or download page or link page where on that each page was installed ads from Google adsense. The income for contributors is come from paid per click and paid per thousand impressions (CPM). Freerangestock is a site that runs the longest revenue sharing program on photography field and still exists until today.

4.BestHDwallpaper, is a free image sharing site that is also a revenue sharing sites for photography that provides their income to contributors by using google adsense. This site will provide income of at least 60% of the advertising revenue on there, the percentage will increase with the level of membership you choose. On this site there are 4 levels of membership available, which level 1 is bronze where you will earn 60% of them but you are only allowed to upload 10 photos per month, while level 2 is silver where at this level you are allowed to upload photos unlimited, at this level is the actual income actually starts means that it will increase dramatically. Level 3 is gold, where at this level you earn money an increase of 5%. And finally the 4th level is platinum, where at this level your income will increase by 10%.

The minimum pay out is $20 and can be withdrawn by using paypal, you will get good money by uploading as many photos as you want. But the photos that you upload will be checked by the editors whether they are right there or not.

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5. Redgage, is a site that will provide income to contributors based on pay per view. On this site you can share photos, videos, documents, blog articles and links where our income is based on every 1000 views to your photos, videos or articles. They pay you when you have $5 on your account using a redgage visa card. And another interesting thing is that we also get benefit from putting dofollow links on this high PR site, meaning we can get backlinks for our website for free on this site.

6. Dreamstime. The microstock site which is also a revenue sharing site but not using Google Adsense. But use the revenue sharing system to contributors from the sale of photos, videos and graphic designs with different systems. Dreamstime site is a site that is trusted enough to pay or share its income to contributors and is a well-known site with a large number of visits, which is almost 30 million visits per month.
The income of contributors from this site is based on different percentages for subcription sales that only range from $ 0.85, or based on sales with an extended license system, which amounts is about 50% of the price that you set by yourself (maximum is $ 5000 per download per photo and the minimum is $ 250 perdownload per photo) and can also be based royalty free

The six revenue sharing sites for photogrpahy mentioned above are sites that are still running and are still trusted today. Because many other revenue sharing sites for photography that have failed and closed are not operational anymore. such as FlixyA, picable, shareapic and Rotatrixdfriends. Especially for the ClickanSnap site another advantage that can be obtained is that we can get no follow backlink in the description of every photo that we upload on there. Although this site still has PR4 but the DA43 and PA33 are quite good, and there is a possibility that the PR level (page rank) will continue to rise in the future.

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4 Quick Steps To Download Video From Link Of Youtube, Less Than 5 Minutes

If you want to watch videos from YouTube that you consider most interesting personally at a time when there is no internet connection, then you are right when you download videos from link of youtube quickly and save them on your laptop or smartphone.

Actually download video from link of youtube for personal interest does not have permission, unless explicit permission from youtube. this means violating the rules of YouTube and violating copyright and also reducing your access to youtube, which means reducing youtube revenue from activities you watch directly on there.

But if you still want to save it privately and want to repeat it repeatedly whenever and wherever you are then you can use y2mate site to download videos from link of youtube quickly.

The following below are some steps to quickly download video link from youtube site.

The first step:

Open the youtube site and immediately search for the type of video that you need or that you like to download using the YouTube search engine. Then immediately copy the link or url from what will be downloaded. the way to left-click the mouse (don't release it) then slide all the links above and immediately right-click your mouse then select the copy button. Then the link has been copied on your computer.

Step two:

Immediately open the Y2mate site in your web browser. After the website is opened, the display of the y2mate site will look like the screenshot below.

The Y2mate site is a site that has a PR rating of 5 and a good number of visits according to data from similarweb which is 29.6m per month. And has the top SERP position on the Google search engine with the keyword "free download video site".

third step :

Then immediately paste the link or url of the video that will be downloaded from YouTube that has been copied or stored on your computer in the box that is already available, at the top of the page index site y2mate. Then press the start button which is pink. So that the video options will open, including the type of format, pixel size and file size. After being selected from the options you immediately press the green button on the right. Then the video you want is being downloaded, you can see the download process at the top right of your browser (small progress bar).

fourth step:

After the video that you want is downloaded, Y2mate will notify you with a new window display saying "thank you for using our service .... blah blah blah "

then the next step is to check the file from the video on your computer by pressing the download arrow button on the top right on your web browser. Highlight the downloaded file, press the open containing folder button. Then a new window will open containing folders and files. By default, the computer will highlight the file you have downloaded according to your request. Then press the right mouse button so that a new window appears then press the copy or cut button.

The next step is to save the file in the folder you are headed. The trick is to open the folder and then press the CTRL + V button.

Actually there is one type of video download website without using software which must be downloaded first, namely And how to use it is almost the same but with a different look.

Monday, January 21, 2019

How To Make Money On Dreamstime As A Photographer

There are many ways to make money on the internet for various professions and many of them have been proven to be able to make money. But for a freelance or professional photographer who already has a large collection of photos in private deposits, the best way to make money is to sell it through an online agency sites that is through the microstock or macrostock site.

One of the most well-known and trusted microstock sites on the internet is Dreamstime. There have been many photographers, designers and illustrators who have joined to make money on Dreamstime as a contributor. There are several ways for a contributor to make money on DreamStime, which includes:

1. As a photographer
2. As a graphic designer
3. As a video grabber or grapher video
4. as an illustrator
5. as an affiliate

Whatever the position and role of a contributor in an effort to make money on dreamstime as a photographer all have a great chance of being able to be successful. Well, I'm just going to discuss the problem of the role of a contributor as a photographer. Because if I write all those roles then this article will be very too long and not according to the title of this article.

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As a Contributor who wants to be able to be successful in working and selling photos in an effort to make money on dreamstime as a photographer, the things to remember and pay attention to are:

1. Paying attention to photo quality as the best work. Good photo quality should pay attention to the length and width and the size of the file in Mega bytes. The larger the size of the photo taken, the better it is to sell. Because buyers are diverse for various purposes, can be for printing or for purposes online or for advertising purposes or also for resale. Good quality means paying attention to the condition of the object, it includes the focus of the photo, the conditions of environmental brightness when taken,good background conditions in the sense of being beautiful and clear (except the background that was blurred with shooting techniques). etc.

2. pay attention to the type of digital camera that will be used. What kind of pocket digital camera or DSLR digital camera type? As the perfection of the results of photography should be use any type of compact DSLR camera. But the latest DSLR cameras and expensive prices are the best choices because they will certainly produce photos that satisfy our minds. But if we only have a pocket digital camera that is still good enough to be able to produce photos that are worth selling, because in Dreamstime there is no prohibition for that or the rules for using certain standard cameras.

3. Paying attention to the number of photos we upload and photos that have been successfully received by Dreamstime are two factors that cannot be underestimated. The more photos you have received on Dreamstime, the greater your chance for success in making money on Dreamstime as a photograher.

4. Pay attention to the optimization techniques of each of our photos that have been and will be uploaded on Dreamstime. It's important to dominate the search results pages through dreamstime's search engines for certain keywords. The better the optimization technique, the wider the opportunity for sales because it can beat the same type of photo between tens or hundreds of thousands of photos on there.

The four things above mentioned are general matters and must be considered by every photographer in an effort to make money on dreamstime as a photographer if they wish to become successful in doing business there.

In detail, there are several steps that are quite valuable for a contributor who want to make money on dreamstime as a photographer that can be taken and practiced according to my experience as long as they are in Dreamstime.

1. Research first on the types of photos that will be uploaded for sale. This research uses certain keywords consisting of 1 word or 2 to 3 words. The purpose of this research is to find out how many photos of that type have been streamed at this time. The fewer numbers of photos on there will be the greater our chance to successfully make sales in this type of photo. Another purpose of this research is to find out what photos have achieved best selling now on there based on the keywords that we choose. After finding out about the best selling photos on there, the next step is to take photos of the object with the same technique. The techniques here is include object, background, lighting, focus, shooting angle, shooting distance and optimization techniques. But all of that is must be based on our own style. So basically we do the copy paste step on photos that have become the best selling in Dreamstime on selected keywords.

2. Open and read e-mail sent by Dreamstime to our e-mail address regarding the type of photo that was trending at that time. Every month Dreamstime always sends emails about this problem. We will do the copy paste step also for the trending photos just like the steps on the best selling photos above. But this step is sometimes rather difficult to do, because sometimes photos that are trending on there are difficult to be copy paste.

3. Uploading as many photos as possible to the types of photos we seek, such as photos that are on best selling or photos that are trending according to our abilities. The more photos we upload and what can be accepted by Dreamstime, the more chance we sell it and the greater our chances of being successful. Another thing we should pay attention to is the dreamstime acceptance number of each photo we upload. The bigger the number, the better. The large number of photos we upload does not necessarily produce large revenue figures. sometimes small amounts of photos that we upload can produce large receipts. the reason for dreamstime sometimes doesn't make sense.In my opinion, technically, our photos are good, but sometimes they don't have a selling value according to Dreamstime, so that's where our photos are greatly rejected. So we need to have experience in honing our instincts. We cannot learn this anywhere except based on experience alone.

4. Perform Optimization techniques on every photo that we will and have uploaded on Dreamstime. The purpose of implementing this technique is that the photo is able to occupy the top position or on the first page of search results on the dreamstime search engine based on certain keywords. This search engine optimization technique is on the point is the placement of keywords that have been selected in the title, description, and in the keyword box. The selected keywords can consist of 1, 2 or 3 words simultaneously In the titles of each of our photos, the number of keywords should be only one and best placed in the front row of the title.While laying out keywords in the description from every photo we have there it should be done repeatedly in several different sentences.

5. Before taking pictures of objects, some things should be noted below:

-- Distance of objects to the camera. the closer the distance, the better the results of our photos. Except for photos of natural landscapes which we should use a compact DSLR camera because it can produce more satisfying photos.

-- Pay attention to weather conditions and the brightness of the surrounding environment. Is it bright or cloudy. The brighter the better the results of our photos.

-- Pay attention to the position of the sun on the object to be shot or the position of the camera against the sun. With the position when shooting behind the sun will produce better photos.

-- Setting up our digital camera before taking a photo. The choice of camera settings on the largest size in shooting mode is the best choice for producing good photos.

== Noting the background environment of the object that will be shot. the better and beautiful the background, the more satisfying the photos will be.

Our success as a contributor in the effort to make money on dreamstime as a photographer is a natural dream of everyone and it is only a matter of time. Temporary failure is only part of delayed success.The most common thing faced by someone in building a business to make money or success in the real world or in the virtual world is self motivation. Often a person will be seized with a sense of boredom and frustration or forgetting which will affect work patterns and results, then motivating yourself is the only way to stay on track so as to succeed.


By implementing the steps above in an effort to make money on dreamstime as a photographer will experience a number of changes which means slowly but surely. You may also apply the same method as mentioned above to various other microstock sites, to increase revenue and opportunities for success as a photographer or as a contributor.

Please read the list of other microstock sites that can be used to make money on your photos in my other articles.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

How to Make Your Youtube Channel Successful 2020

Making youtube channel in the right and proper way for the video that we upload is one way to get a large number of subscriber.

In youtube the number of videos that have been uploaded has reached 5 billion, while the number of channels that have been made as many as 500 million for all genres. And for every popular type of genre has reached the number of hundred of millions of channels like music channel, game channel. and also movie channel. How can we get our channel in a popular genre to occupy on the first page of search by using certain keywords for category channel in search engine youtube in a short time?

You should first know that for some well-known genres, especially those that have occupied the top 5 - 10 channel listings of the most popular on the first page for the channel category. Will appear on every search by using certain keywords (general) on the youtube search engine on the first page tucked between the most popular videos. If we observe how they (channels) can appear there? there are five things we can observe:

1. Since the number of Subscriber that has reached the fantastic number, there are reaching millions of subcriber in that channel.

2. Because of the number of videos that have been uploaded on the famous channel.

3. Due to the Name factor used from the popular channel,

4. Or also because there is a very good description that have been made on the popular channel.

5. Or because of the age of the channel since it was first created.

6. Or because of the combination of some of the excess factors that I mentioned above. But almost no one has a combination of all the above (5) factors together.

You can see how this channel can appear on the keyword "cat videos" tucked between the most popular videos, it's because the channel turns out most popular also for the category of channel by using the same keywords.

List of the most popular channel images of the keyword "cat videos, channel" among the 94 million channels, look at the top 5 of channels

And the image below is my "cat videos" channel on green box, look at the channel name with the keyword, and the bolded word is described in 100 characters first. This channel appears in the 47th sequence of search results with the keyword "cat videos, channel" 1 week after renamed my channel from the first name my "cat" channel.

Based on my experience. making a channel to become popular fast, Thisi is how to make your youtube channel successful. There are a few steps to take:

1. Determine the type of niche that we will go to the making of channels and videos in it, the determination of the niche for the channel and this video should also pay attention to our ability to provide video for this type. are you able and ready to provide videos in large quantities? if able then set its niche options.

2. Specify a name for the channel that to be created, this determination should use two word phrases rather than a single word. Because it will feel heavy to compete with just using the name of one word. These two words we create based on the most popular keywords with the most search results on google keyword tool / planner (adwords).

3. Conducting research on youtube search engines about competitors in the category of channels based on keywords that we will use to give names from channel that we will create. how to type "keywords, channel" in search engine youtube. you will see the top of channel sequence based on that keyword. Pay attention about the channel name, description and number of subscribers, as well as the number of videos uploaded in each channel. And do not forget to see how many channels are there from the search results on that keyword. if the number is still in the millions then there is still a good chance for the channel that we will make to enter the top list of search results on the first page in a short time. But if the number of search results has reached tens of millions or hundreds of millions it will be hard to get into the first page of search results in a short time, so it still takes a long time and effort to enter into it but there is still a wide open opportunity for us.

4. Start creating channel name by clicking button / gear icon as youtube settings beside studio creator button, top right corner of our profile photo.Once open account page then we will click the bottom link is see all my channel or create a new channel.and then open page Channel for us, then click create a new channel button.

5. Start creating a good description of our channel. The description we make should contain the keyword of our channel name on the first 100 characters and using of this channel name in the field of description should be repeated only twice, that is in the first sentence line, and in the second sentence line still in 100 characters first from the description.

6. Complete the channel art with a good photo that is quite professional and in accordance with our channel name. For a while maybe we can use the photo available for free on the internet with a large size. If the photo is too large from the youtube standard size for channel art (header cover), then resize using the tool from the window that is paint software. There are many sites that provide free photos for using on social media networking. The standard size for the youtube's channel art (header cover) is 2100X1440 pixels.

7. Upload photo profile of our channel, photo profile should be adjusted with channel name that we choose to give a good effect for the visitors or choose other photo that comfort with our channel name. The photo profile size for our channel is 400x400.

8. Fill the links box with links that lead to our other social media networking accounts, such as, facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin instagram and links to our website or our blog. This purpose if for drive traffic and backlink building for those sites and blogs and also to increase number of our followers of each social media accounts.

9. Fill out email contacts with our emails intended to make it easier for fans and visitors or sponsors to connect with us for business or other purposes that may be for both parties.

10. After completion of customization of our new channel immediately upload our first video that match with the name of our channel. and do the writing of the title, description and keyword tags after the video was finish uploaded, it is an attempt to optimize the video.

11. Doing upload some videos regularly to make our channel stay at the top of channel category based on keyword that match with our channel name.

12. See the results after 1 week on youtube search engine then you will be satisfied.

The way that written in this article is based on what I do and my experience. I do it on every channel that I create and there are 5 channels and all the results is what I expect.

Thank you for your visit, and wish you success with me ... please join me on youtube and other social media account

Monday, February 12, 2018

How to Make Money on Linkedin, 6 Best Methods on 2020

Linkedin is a social media networking site specifically for business professionals and business owners and also for job seekers to interact with each other. This site has a membership of more than 500 million people and has PR10, as well as traffic numbers of about 1 billion visits per month. Same as other social media networking sites, linkedin can be used also to make money on there. Basically this site is just a tool to drive traffic to a program or sites where we can make money on linkedin.

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There are several ways that we can use to make money on linkedin like:

1.Get hired, like using your profile as a tool to attract the attention of entrepreneurs, company owners who need workers with special skills. With good view and good content from our profile in linkedin will be easier to find through search engine on there. Add multiple areas of interest , as well as the experiences and the results you earn and also possibly add testimonials. if you would consider becoming a premium member of linkedin account as a job seeker then your application will be at the top of the list and you will get a premium icon.

Do you want to get a job from a particular company, find their company page and start being their follower and be active in their group by making good comments. And always look at the list of vacancies they put there.

Try to have a good amount of endorsement in terms of our skills to increase our trust and value in the eyes of the company.

2. Market products from affiliate programs that we like or in accordance with the niche and field that we mastered. Affiliate program will give money to us based on the sales commission of the ads that we market or spread on this linkedin. Marketing products from the affiliate program should use post reviews from our blog about the product to a linkedin linkdin groups that have the same topic. If the group does not allow posted the links on there, we can send it privately.
if you have your own group then the best way is emailing them about the post review of the affiliate products from our blog. Still have no publication media ...? use linkedin linkdin profile page that you have.

3. Sell your own product in the form of digital products such as e-book, website template, landing page template, etc in the group that we have, or installed on our profile page and be active in some groups that have the same niche with the products we sell by giving quality comments. Write a few articles about our products in linkedin where we insert the text message with a link that leads to the sales page of our product.

4. Offering services online something like SEO services, article creation, website design, backlink building and so on. This offering by using our profile page easily on linkdin. This services can also be done by using third party such as fiverr or seoclerks while linkedin or linkdin used only as a tool to drive traffic to our sales page of fiverr or seoclerks.

5. Build an emailing list, by creating a group or several groups where we can collect email lists from the members, so we can send an email to them every we have a new review post of a product that we want to sell. Creating a free product to linkedin, so they are interested to join, making a product that can be sold to them, through an existing emailing list.

6. Creating useful articles in linkedin, in order to attract readers to become our follower in the field that we mastered. This article consists of less than 1000 words, by putting some of the same keywords for SEO-onpage purpose for easy yo find it in search engine of linkedin and google search engine. Adding photos, videos or graphics and data is an advantage that should not be missed. Make some articles that are almost similar but in different topic. With increasing the number of our follower in linkedin it will facilitate us to sell or market something through the article with anchor text where the link in it, will lead to the sales page of our product or affiliate product program, or just to lead to our blog.

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How To Make Money On Blogger Blog, 7 Methods in 2020

the effort to make money on blogger blog is easy and simple that is through learning and practice directly there, so that although often have mistakes and failures will be easily repaired and perfected until successful and efficient. Often times to go it can run for years.

Blogger is one of the oldest and greatest free media blogs or sites on the internet. This site was founded by pyra labs, then purchased by google in 2003 and has been used by 500 million active members and has PR9 and high traffic numbers of 194 visit per month. Blogs used in bloggers can be for various purposes, there is also a variety of beautiful themes available and easy to use and available various tools that make it easy for bloggers to express themselves online. Thus making it the most popular free blog service provider in the world at the moment this. So this is the great place for the effort to make money on blogger blog through the articles or contents that we make on there.

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The reason for people who have the effort to make money on blogger blog is :

- no need to buy a domain.

- No need to buy file hosting and bandwidth.

- no need to buy scripts and templates.

- and no need to pay for the installation of the script to the hosting site.

So we just need to focus on creating good content and marketing it and if we are also able to good design graphics in every post article, it is an added value.

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There are several ways you can do to make money on blogger blog in order to achieve optimal results, that is:

1. Using ads network to be installed on our blog on the left or right side, where our income from this program based on CPM (cost per thousand impression) or based on CPC (cost per click). Where our earnings niliai ranged from $ 1 - $ 8 per thousand view, depending on where this visitor from. The highest is coming from USA and North America. Examples of programs or sites that provide ads network are like: google adsense, infolink, bidvertiser, viglink, etc. They will usually pay us by using paypal or check.

2. Join with any affiliate program on the internet where there are many products that can be sold or marketed by us through our blog. This affiliate program will give money to us based on sales commission that we do through bannner ads image installed in our blog on the right or left. Purchase products from the affiliate program is done by the visitors who come to our blog when they read our articles. Examples of famous affiliate programs that we can follow, among others, amazon, clickbank, e-bay, shareasale and so on.

3. Market referral programs from several sites that can be trusted and proven to pay us for recruiting people to join on their site and making purchase or upgrade of their membership. There are too many referral programs that can be followed, such as PTC program (paid to click) such as NeoBux, clixsense and wad.ojooo or traffic exchange sites like easyhits4u, trafficswarm and trafficg or get paid to survey sites like swagbucks, tolune and vivatic. They will give us money based on our activeness on there by seeing the ads or because of our success in recruiting new members (referral) and they are upgrading of their membership as well as their activeness on there.

4. Offering services online, the service can be an article creation, creation of website design on PSD, creation of header cover from several social media networking, making backlinks, making logos, icon sets, action buttons, e-books, etc. This service offer would be better to use a reliable third party and have complete facilities and tools such as files hosting, payment gateway, message box, landing page, rating, etc. Some trusted third-party sites is fiverr, seoclerk, and digitalpoint. This online services is done through a banner ads image that installed on our blog on the right or left side of it.

5. Install the donation button from paypal or payza on the left or right of our blog. The donation button can be installed in the advertisement area or in the new HTML/java script area from blogger by using layout facility in there. The donation button is to get donations from donors of the visitors who come to our blog to read the articles that we make on there. This is one way to earn coins from the internet, if steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 are unsuccessful or not as expected.

6. Sell ads space directly to the visitors with a certain price and within a certain timeframe as well. This sale does not need to use a third party, because our blog is free blog (free of everything) so it will not be approved on there even though our blog is good in perfomance. it's mainly because of our domain is not a paid domain.

7. Utilizing our blog to attract visitors to be our follower in some social media networking account. Social media networking account will become a money machine for us. For example in instagram account, youtube (video & channel), facebook (fanpage and groups), pinterest (boards / groups) and linkedin, Because on the internet there are many pay per post or pay per twitt, or pay per pin etc, which provides many sponsors who are ready to pay for our activities in each of our social media networking account.So in the essence is recruiting them to become our follower in each account of social media networking of us through few articles that benefit to them on our blog, as did some famous writers with their blog. such as neilpatel, john chow, pat cashmore etc.

The seven ways that mentioned above can be done together or done only a few. The most important part of the effort to make money on blogger blog is how to get incoming good traffic or large number of visitors so it can be expected to get the appropriate results that expected.

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There are some tips to get a good number of visitors to optimize in the effort make money on blogger blog that we have created, that is:

1. Choosing a good theme that can be used to make money at your blog, which is a 2-sided theme, so we can put the ads network and affiliate programs, as well other programs in the form of banner ads image and banner ads text.

2. Making articles regularly every 3-4 days as much as we need on how to make money in various versions to dominate on google search engine on make money on keyword.

3. Perform optimization of articles with SEO-onpage techniques that are sprinkled with keywords in the tittle and the discription (the contents of the article). Keyword position on the description (the content of the article) is also very decisive on the results of google SERP, yahoo and bing, besides also pay attention to the number of keywords that used in the content of the article.

4. Share links of the article to social media networking such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, and linkedin. Sharing this article is addressed to the our follower in every social media. So it is important to pay attention and increase the number of our follower well and optimally. Using of hashtags is also important to generate visitors from other member of thoseother social media beside of our followers.

5. Using a good photo or graphic for every article we create, to improve search results in google search engine or google image. The photos and graphics also can use for every share to all of those social media networking, because the evidence has shown that every post we make in social media networking that will give a good impact on the number of visitors if using a photo, or good graphic/image and interesting on every post we made on there.

6. Link building naturally with blog comenting on some good perfomance blogs or sites (that have high PR- DA - PA and alexarank). This step will give a very good effect on SERP results from major search engines like google, yahoo and bing. Especially blog comenting on keywords and topics similar to our existing articles. Especially for blog comenting on the site or blog at the top of the first page of search results with that keyword in google.

7. Join the quora site and be active there by providing high quality answers to any questions that requested that match with the articles that we have made on our blog. Choose the most popular questions that are the same as the keyword of the article on our blog, because our goal to give an answer is to market the article links on there. The most popular questions can be seen from the number of visits (views), the number of answers and the number of its follower.

8. using email subscription or email capture to capture the visitors to be willing to provide their email address to subscribe to the articles that we make on our blog. where we can market the product and affiliate program to the email. They are will become our loyal readers of every articles on the future.

The effort to Make money on blogger blog is passive income method, which means we will get income passively for a long time even from the article that we make at the time ago continuously, unbroken, except your account in blogger in hacked, or you get banned from google or other important programs.

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