Thursday, June 1, 2017

Twitter Marketing for the Products And Services

Twitter marketing method is part of the way of marketing our products and services through twitter, which is one of the largest social media on the internet. This marketing is mainly for photos of my work, twitter header cover making services, and my blog. The hope is how to get good results, and this can only be done with good and regular planning. It's not time again to twitting that just becomes a necessity or just a hobby.

Although it is still necessary for beginners to make it an experience and learning.

What is twitter?

Twitter is a social media networking site that is one of the largest in this niche with a high page rank and has the large number of visitors. Which is high almost 3 billion visitors per month, and more than 360 million active users on 2015

Twitter marketing plan should be done actively and passively in twitter account.By passively is to be oriented doing on page optimization in twitter account.This is consist of:

1.Bio profile. Here we can put some keywords or hashtags about what interests and our hobbies and professions

2. Photo profile, using a clear and good photo profile with personal photos will get a positive value for visitors and prospective followers after reading our bio profile.

3. The twitter header cover, using good graphics and appropriate photos plus sentences or words that match our niche and interest will increase the trust and interest of prospective follower visitors who will become our prospective customers.There are many designers who are able to make a nice and professional twitter cover header available on fiverr.

4. Using of personal or corporate logos should be placed in the cover area header, not as a photo profile. This logo can be used as a personal brand for small business that we run on the internet.

Twitter marketing way is one of the best social media marketing method that we can sells products and services online compared to other best social media network. But using all of the social media network together is also good in the influence on the ranking of our site or our articles in google search result on certain keywords.This is because almost all of internet users spend much of their time in a few hours per day in leading social media such as twitter, facebook, youtube, pinterest, linkedin, etc to socialize and to do business, the data has shown that way. So google think it is very important in terms of rankings and traffic and also backlinks.

Using of twitter marketingg method is also great effort of backlinks building for our site, especially for the link of our site homepage that can be obtained on the profile page of twitter. Using of twitt page that leads to the link page (not homepage) of our site it also can be tried, and the combination with pinging for link twit page with free pinging tools like pingfarm, indexkings, pingler, etc.

While we do activity on twitter regularly and everyday, this jobs must be considered to be done perfectly:

1. Tweetting 20 or more everyday, tweet or retweet. We can share it with 70% retweet, 20 $ tweet, and 10% tweet our promotion.

2. Pin our favorite tweets turn on your profile, which can make sales increase.

3. Do repeating tweet again and regularly to our favorite tweet. Repetition of this tweet can be more than once a day with the range of time is 2-3 hours each.

4. Providing the best hashtags for our tweets to be viewed and found by other twitter members, making it possible to retweet or to be read with great possibilities.Using and searching for the most popular and best hashtags can be done with ritetag which will be chosen on the smallest in retweet and most viewed. Using of a hashtag should not be too much or overuse, normally 3-5 hashtag per tweet.

5. Concentrate on how to multiply the follower according to interest and niche, or follower targeting. Although with a small amount but still growing it is better than with a large number of followers but too wide and too general.

6. Using some twitter tools for free available on the internet to help our activities on twitter.There are many tools that can be used, Like:

Ritetag, the tool to find the best hashtag based on keywords,

Unfollowspy, The tool for welcome message robot, to know recent unfollowers, people you do not follow back, etc,

Tweriod, the tool for you to find the best time to tweet

Twitonomy, we can use it to get competitive intelligence for twitter marketing strategy, like who their top retweeters were, what time they usually post, most retweeted tweets and more.

Canva, the tool for you who struggle with DIY graphics,

Agora pulse, the tool for you to check if your account performs better than your competitors

7. ask someone else to retweet our tweet or maybe pay to retweet our tweet on buy sell retweet services/site.this is one of simple twitter marketing strategy too

8. The use of good images and matches our tweets, based on the results of the Buffer study in 2015, tweets with good images have good results, 18% clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets.

9. Use advanced search from twitter to find people that fit our niche and interest and start connections.

10. Have real conversation, make it look like personally, like that we are real human not robot.

Twitter marketing is really pretty simple
In essence is how to mix from business promotion, capture and bring value, and build a good relationship with other twitter users

It's good we also read some twitter tips on the internet through google search engine or on twitter itself that adds to our wealth of insight in twitter marketing. There is so many articles in there that can be found and read it in many keywords about include tips, tricks, marketing, method, principle, tactic, and strategy in doing twitter activity.


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