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How to Make Money on Youtube Video of Yours, 8 Easy Steps

Youtube is the largest video-based social media network in the world founded in 2005 by chad hurley and bought by google, until now has a very large number of members that is more than 1.3 billion people. Where traffic numbers reach 26 billion visits per month, and have a PR10. With youtube status makes youtube like a large magnet that attracts many people in the world to join there either as a visitors, moneymakers or business owners, marketers, seller and cheerleader.

Youtube as well as other social media sites there are many features that can be exploited by various people and various purposes to express their identity. that is through profile summary, bio profile, comments, upload video (content) with tittle and box description, follow (subscribe), unfollow (unsubscribe), like, and share. So it makes it easier for the members to get the benefits on there. Including for money seekers from youtube.

Make money on youtube boards of pinterest

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the outline of the business to make money on youtube can be done on the 7 easiest ways.

1. Sell the product directly through the video about the product being sold where the landing page of the product is connected to your video via a link which is placed in the description box of the video. The best location is in the first 5 lines in the description field. We recommend that the video created should be interesting, natural video but contains an important message for the product to the community.

2. Make a video about the affiliate program or referral program, a video that contains tutorials on how important and great its benefits by joining on a site or product. Where in the nox of descriptions attached a link to the site or landing page by using the services of a link shortening site, a kind of or The tittle and about the description of the video is also important to get a lot of visitors based on certain keywords.

3. Making youtube a machine to drive traffiic to our blog or website by any video that attracts viewers to see it. That is by putting a link from the blog or website that we have in the description box, especially on the first 5 lines. Where in our blog installed ads network in on banner image or text banner that will give us money based on CPC system (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions)system such as google adsense, viglink, bidvertiser, studeads, infolinks, etc. Or also attached a banner image of our affiliate program that we followed who will give us money based on sales commissions with certain quantities, such as shareasale, CJ affiliate, rakuten, etc.

4. Selling certain services through fiverr, digitalpoint, and seoclerks, where the links from the landing page of the site are attached on the description field of each videos that we have uploaded. especially videos about something that relates to the sale of our services on the site.

5. Join on the google adsense to be willing to put ads on every video we upload. In the our youtube's channel, there is an option to become a partner with youtube, which uses google adsense as our income, with revenue sharing system where youtube will get 50% and we will get 50% from the advertisement.Most of the video creators on youtube always use this google adsense service as their main source of income. The more videos we upload and the more viewers the greater our income.

6. Join on the famebit or grapevine site to find sponsors for our most popular videos. On both sites there are many sponsors which can be invited to cooperate for our way of making money in youtube.For famebit so we can work at least subscribe that we have on youtube should 5000 subscribers but in grapevine only 1000 subscribers. This method is more similar to pay per post program on facebook and twitter, and pay per pinning in pinterest is working with sponsors.

7. Rent or sell our videos to other people for a certain price on youtube, the video that we will rent or we sell is not a video that has been published. or maybe we will sell it through a third party like on junkinmedia.

8. Utilize tool from youtube to earn money from our video through fansfunding option. That is the donation given by our fans who try to communicate privately through a particular app or some sort of chat by paying a very low price to the creators. This is youtube service for creators looking for additional money and as motivation for more spirit in the work.

There are some tips that can be used so that our earnings in making money on youtube improve significantly.

1. Make the channel page to be more professional and trusted so as to generate trust and likes from the audience and the fans to us. by uploading a more attractive, professional and trusted header cover instead of free and ugly headers. Make channel description more interesting and informative. Should a photo profile use a clear personal photo, or our own brand logo.

2. Frequently upload videos to add subscriber and like to our existing channel.

3. Create tittle and descriptions on each video we upload with contains keywords that we aim to improve search results on youtube search engine. Where keyword tags are used are also used on each tittle and descriptions of each video we have.

4. Engineered artificial traffic by paying for the people's services that provide it in seoclerks or fiverr, to make our videos become trending for certain keywords. but before doing that the google adsense facility should be turned off firstly. In order not to get banned from google adsense.

5. Actively socialize in the most popular videos for the same keywords as our videos by making comments, like dislike, or subscribe.

6. Make our channel name match the keywords of niche videos that are uploaded regularly.

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Youtube can be used to search for traffic can also be used to make money directly because youtube provides the facility, through google adsense and other tools, therefore youtube is also known as a revenue sharing site via video with google adsense.

not like other great social media networking such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram ... they can not be used to make money directly, they can only be used as a tool to make money just by considering it as a machine drive traffic to our money making machine.

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