Friday, January 5, 2018

How to Make Money on Twitter, 7 Simple Ways

Twitter is a massive social media networking site with more than 330 million members in 2016 and having PR8 and 4.3 billion visits per month is pretty interesting for anyone to use it as a tool to make money on witter method.

Twitter is just one of social media networking site based on text based internet where every post was created with a maximum limit of 172 characters including hashtags and links. Using of this twitter in business to make money on the internet is just to drive traffic to our website or our blogs.

Twitter is also good for building of backlinks of our website or blog, especially in the twitter profile page, a;though this is just nofollow type of link but still have good effect for our site or blog page rank. While the ability of every twitt that we do although there is no benefit directly or no effect in page rank (PR) for the website or our blog, but still has a great influence also on the increase of SERP results on google search engines on certain keywords slowly and surely. where in our website or our blog there is a medium to make money on the internet.

so there are 7 simple ways to make money on twitter post, which are:

1. Sell any kind of services by using fiverr or seoclerks sites, for example offering services to making retweet, repins, making backlinks, social media bookmarking, making twitter header cover, articles creation, and others. which in essence is through twitter we will do twitt about the page of service offer from fiverr or seoclerks to get the attention and purchasing from our followers on there or from other twitter members who see our twitt through specific hashtags. So basically twitter is the media promotion of business of make money on there.

2. Selling products that we made by ourselves through clickbank, paydotcom, amazon, or ebay where the page can be directly marketed to our twitter or via other twitter account that owned by others who have a large number of followers that can be paid based on pay per tweet through third parties. The products we can sell are either real products or digital products, such as smartphones, watches, T-shirt, herbs, or e-books, templates, logos, photos and videos. How to make money on twitter in this way is basically the way to find great visitors to the site's page that specifically sells certain products and they will buy it.

3. Looking for jobs through twitter. this can be done by active or passive. By actively means doing twitter post that you need real jobs and done regularly to seek the attention of people or companies that are looking for workers. Passively is searching and continuing monitor any existing post twitter in any kind of jobs offer from a person or company in need.

4. Join a good affiliate program to make money on twitter by participating in selling products that they offer in exchange for commissions in percentages of each sales depending on each policy of the affiliate program owner. There are several affiliate programs available on the internet that can be used to make money on twitter. such as shareasale, linkshare, CJ Affiliate, etc.

5. Creating an article on our blog and posting it to our twitter account regularly where in our blog was installed ads network that will give us money based on CPM (cost per thousand impression), like bidvertiser, google adsense, and viglink. The ads can be either banner or can also be text. This is how to make money on twitter using blogs is the best way among other ways that I mentioned above. because making money based on this way does not need to recruit people or sell anything that feels heavy for those who have a blog that have a small number of visitors in a month.

6. Join a site that will give money to us based on pay per post or pay per twit system.such as sharepop, paidpertweet, sponsoredtweet and famebit. This is the second best make money on twitter method among the methods that above mentioned based on my opinion. On those sites we will get sponsors (advertisers) who are willing to pay us on every post on our twitter account based on a fixed price or based on CPC (cost per click). So that will give a significant result if we have a large number of followers.

7. Sell a twitter account that we have with a certain price that has been agreed together directly or through a third party.

Making money on twitter is not easy because it takes patience in finding followers in certain categories, with the small number of followers but very loyal is better than having a big number of follower but unfocus on a particular field so doubtful about their loyalty to every post we make in twitter.

There are some quick tips that can be used to make a pretty good number of followers in a certain niche:

1. Create a twitter profile account page that we have become more professional and trusted, with beautiful graphics and photos, nice and communicative for twitter header cover and photo profile. The more beautiful will give you trust and interest to us.

2. Do many post twitt or retweet regularly every day on one or more specific niche, If we do not have content that we can use, we may use other people's content to share on twitter for free. So it will add to our own prestige on twitter.

3. Using hashtags on every twitt we send on twitter. This hashtag usage is limited to a maximum of 5 pieces in accordance with the content that we send.Using of hashtags is meant to reach visitor further and more, so it will mean adding the followers on our twitter account. Using ritetag sites as a tool for searching the best or most popular hashtags on twitterrecently is the best effort for every twitt we do on twitter.

4. Using the follow or like exchange sites to increase the number of followers or like on our twitter account for free and easy. The sites like like4like, follow like, addmefast, etc is just for additional efforts to optimize in the result of the making money on twitter business.

5. If our twitter account is still have small number of followers we can use the tactics "follow me and I will follow you back", so it will be easy and fast increase the number of our follower.

6. Using the fiverr or seoclerks site to mean increasing the number of retweets or like on certain twit we made.

7. Paste the twitter widget on our blog based on our the best twitt posts, to add retweet or like from the visitors of our blog

8. Put the twitter button follow us n the blog that we have. so it will increase the number of twitter follower that we have.

9. Put the twitter share button in every article in our blog, so it will add the number of retweet or twit by the visitors of our blog.
With a simple article wrote by me on above may be have benefit to all of us. Success in the business of making money on twitter depends entirely on luck, hard work and our fate.

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