Monday, February 12, 2018

How to Make Money on Linkedin, 6 Best Methods on 2018

linkedin is a social media networking site specifically for business professionals and business owners and also for job seekers to interact with each other. This site has a membership of more than 500 million people and has PR10, as well as traffic numbers of about 1 billion visits per month. Same as other social media networking sites, linkdin can be used also to make money on there. Basically linkedin or linkdin is just a tool to drive traffic to a program or sites where we make money on there.

There are several ways you can use to make money on linkedin like:

1.Get hired, like using your profile as a tool to attract the attention of entrepreneurs, company owners who need workers with special skills. With good view and good content from our profile in linkedin will be easier to find through search engine on there. Add multiple areas of interest , as well as the experiences and the results you earn and also possibly add testimonials. if you would consider becoming a premium member of linkedin account as a job seeker then your application will be at the top of the list and you will get a premium icon.

Do you want to get a job from a particular company, find their company page and start being their follower and be active in their group by making good comments. And always look at the list of vacancies they put there.

Try to have a good amount of endorsement in terms of our skills to increase our trust and value in the eyes of the company.

2. Market products from affiliate programs that we like or in accordance with the niche and field that we mastered. Affiliate program will give money to us based on the sales commission of the ads that we market or spread on this linkedin. Marketing products from the affiliate program should use post reviews from our blog about the product to a linkedin linkdin groups that have the same topic. If the group does not allow posted the links on there, we can send it privately.
if you have your own group then the best way is emailing them about the post review of the affiliate products from our blog. Still have no publication media ...? use linkedin linkdin profile page that you have.

3. Sell your own product in the form of digital products such as e-book, website template, landing page template, etc in the group that we have, or installed on our profile page and be active in some groups that have the same niche with the products we sell by giving quality comments. Write a few articles about our products in linkedin where we insert the text message with a link that leads to the sales page of our product.

4. Offering services online something like SEO services, article creation, website design, backlink building and so on. This offering by using our profile page easily on linkdin. This services can also be done by using third party such as fiverr or seoclerks while linkedin or linkdin used only as a tool to drive traffic to our sales page of fiverr or seoclerks.

5. Build an emailing list, by creating a group or several groups where we can collect email lists from the members, so we can send an email to them every we have a new review post of a product that we want to sell. Creating a free product to linkedin, so they are interested to join, making a product that can be sold to them, through an existing emailing list.

6. Creating useful articles in linkedin, in order to attract readers to become our follower in the field that we mastered. This article consists of less than 1000 words, by putting some of the same keywords for SEO-onpage purpose for easy yo find it in search engine of linkedin and google search engine. Adding photos, videos or graphics and data is an advantage that should not be missed. Make some articles that are almost similar but in different topic. With increasing the number of our follower in linkedin it will facilitate us to sell or market something through the article with anchor text where the link in it, will lead to the sales page of our product or affiliate product program, or just to lead to our blog.

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