Sunday, February 4, 2018

How To Make Money On Tumblr Blog On The Best Ways

Tumblr is a free blog service provider site like other blog service providers such as blogger, wordpress, webly and so on. Tumblr has PR8 and the number of traffic is about 800 million visits per mont and the number of members is about 60 million active users. Using of tumblr in creating a blog is based on a video or photo or article or combination between of the three of those purpose is very easy and fast to access, as well as many available free and beautiful template or maybe we can use paid template.

utilizing this site in an effort to earn money on tumblr is very open wide and very easy to do. That is using that article with full of SEO on page to be easily found by search engines from tumblr or google search engine, using of photo and video is also a plus point which means in optimizing the SERP in Google and ultimately also raise in the effort to get the money there.But tumblr is very intolerant of post spam whose content is only affiliate links or referral programs without meaningful or beneficial value for visitors. And one note they are very anti with adfly service. If forced then your access will be blocked or banned.

There are several ways that can be used in business to make money on tumblr legally and easily, namely:

1. Using affiliate programs from an existing site on the internet such as amazon, ebay, clickbank, paydotcom, shareasale, or others. Using affiliate programs means we participate in selling or marketing products that are in there, through our blog (tumblr) by placing banner ads on there. They will give us money based on the sales results through our blog by the visitors, the value of giving money to us depends on the wisdom of the affiliate program respectively.

2. Placing banner ads image of the ads network on our blog especially on the right or left side. They will give us money based on the CPM system (cost per thousand impression) is a system that pays fixed to the publisher based on every 1000 visew advertisement or by using CPC system (cost per click) is a system that will pay per click from the ads that are installed. Usually they will pay by using paypal or check. Examples of network ads are google adsense, bidvertiser, infolink, viglink, etc.

3. Trying to sell our own digital products using third party to serve file hosting, payment gateway, and bandwidth and information, of course they will ask for fee from every transaction that happened there. These products include ebook, photo, article, website design template, logo design, banner ads template design, etc .. Sales of these products through our tumblr blog is placing a product image or banner on the side from the blog, or create a review article of the product.

4.Offer the services of making something on tumblr through a trusted third party. These third party sites include: fiverr, seoclerks, and marketplace digitalpoint, they are trusted and have some great tools. Making services something can be a website design template creation, making articles, or making backlinks, making banner ads, or the making of header cover from social media networking.

5. Sell ads space on our tumblr blog directly or by using third party sort of advertising site marketplace with a certain price. In order to attract buyers from the visitors then our blog must have a good perfomance for example in terms of Page rank or DA score (domain authority) or also PA score(page authority) and alexarank score and how much traffic our blog. There are many third party sites that are advertsing marketplace that can be used like buysellads, and so on.

6. Sell template design for tumblr blog with good price directly on tumblr. You can check out the design template for the tumblr blog on there that will become a source of inspiration for your design work. If you are just a designer who is less expert in terms of code and scripts html and java script then try to work with a programmer individually and permanently, but must keep the NDA / non disclosure agreement

7. Placing the donation button from paypal or payza on the right or left side of our tumblr blog. Who knows anyone would like to donate our contribution in providing valuable information to the visitors. There are many people who have excess money but do not know what the money is for. But to be successful in this case the main requirement is to have a large visitor traffic and posts that bermanfat, interesting and unique. This path does feel low self-esteem because this action is like begging to find a change, but this is the last path that can be taken

8. If you already have a high traffic visitors try to use youtube video got us to get visitors from tumblr blog in order to get money from our video from sponsors or fansfunding.that is by posting videos from youtube to tumblr blog post especially for the same niche please note about tittle and keyword tags for easy to find tumblr search engines and google and other major search engines

besides how to make money in tumblr as mentioned above should also consider some tips on how to use tumblr blog for get followers and many readers:

1. Use the name to tumblr blog in accordance with the targeted niche and contains keywords 2 phrases, so easily found in search engines. The keywords used should be selected which has a high search rate in google by using google keyword tool.

2. Diligently create a blog post and reblog every day maximum 50 reblog for easy to get follower if it is an article should be added with photo or videos with seo-onpage techniques in the articles.

3. Disseminate every post and reblog we make to other social media networking like twitter, facebook, linkedin, or pinterest. The goal is to get quality traffic or backlinks, especially in pinterest (for backlink building).

4. Placing widgets from other social media networking on the right or left in our blog tumblr, to market our post there or our fanpage have.

5. Increase DA score or its PA score and PR (pagerank) and also the number and quality of backlinks to tumblr blog we have more value than not do anything.

making money on tumblr blog is easy and also difficult, but everything will be solved by itself that is by doing the practice directly. Where failure will make us more perfect. Failure is delayed success.

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