Thursday, January 25, 2018

How to Make Money on Instagram, 7 Easy Ways

Instagram is one of the largest social media network sites on the internet based on photo, image, and video and text using mobile phone. This site has PR10 and the number of members reaches 400 million people, and a traffic figure of about 2.74 billion visits per month. This site is good enough to use as a medium or as a tool to make money on the internet. Making money on instagram is fairly easy and simple, but a bit difficult is in terms of getting results as expected. Many people have succeeded in making money on instagram, but they have been working hard for a long time, and full of sacrifices and failures as well.

7 steps or ways that can be used to make money on instagram by anyone who needs it.

1. Sell the products we have, the product can be digital or non digital. The digital products such as photo, e-book, video or illustration, to the follower or to other instagram members who are interested in our products. While the non-digital products such as t-shirts, hats, herbs, handicrafts, electronics, etc. With a large number of followers it can be expected to succeed in the selling of something.

2. Sell other people's products through affiliate program with the earnings based on a large sales commission value of about 10%, such as amazon, shareasale, ebay and so on. Affiliate program can be marketed directly to instagram or through a website or a blog that we have. They will usually pay us via paypal, or check. And the earnings can be withdraw to our local bank after it exceeds the minimum set.

3. Trying to offer something on the internet through third parties such as fiverr, seoclerks, designcrowd, or digitalpoint. The services offered can include website design, banner design, logo design, article creation, backlinks development services, cover header creation in various social media networking accounts like twitter, facebook, youtube, pinterest, instagram and linkdein. By using instagram in drive traffic to our sales landing page or offer services landing page that we make, it is expected from instagram there are interested and doing purchase.

4. Leveraging Instagram as a provider of traffic engine visitors to the website or blog that we have, where in our website or blog installed ads network that will give us money based on the CPC system (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impression). Previously let us have a blog and a number of articles we made on there, so there is something interesting in the our making money machine that can be read or seen by visitors. The visitors should come from various sources besides from instagram, that is from the results of organic traffic through search engines like google, yahoo and bing, also comes from other social media networking and also traffic derived from paid advertising.

And also in our website or blog installed banner of affiliate's or referral's program that will give us money based on sales commission from the visitors of our website or blog and join become a member of the site and do sale through banner which is installed in our blog/website.

5. Sell our instagram account if it is considered big enough and quite profitable and we do not need it again, because we have a number of other instagram account. Instagram account sales preferably through third parties, either via quora or flippa, or digitalpoint.

6, Offer a paid per post service to our instagram account proactively to another member of instagram that has an account with the same niche with our niche account. For that our account must have more advantages than theirs to be the main attraction. For example has advantages in terms number of followers, in the number of likes, comments and number of posts that was published. This offer can be done directly to ownership of the intended account with a cheap price as a price promotion. after successful may raise a little price offered. This can be done if our account has a large number of followers but not too much like the celebrity. The celebrities who have the million of followers will automatically come a lot of offers for business. it is not the time of the account owner that have million followers looking for the payers or sponsors.

7. Working with third party sites running pay per post programs where there are many sponsors who are ready to pay us based on pay per post to our instagram account or our other social media networking accounts. sites such as famebit and grapevine. The minimum number of followers that we have is 5,000 follower. The income figures for this kind of task are usually $200- $400 per post with 5,000 followers.

The success of make money on instagram depends on several factors that if we can know it will undoubtedly bring us the stage of success becomes very easy. hard work, discipline, not easy to give up, ambitious, capital tools and money, always creative, always learn something new, are some factors that important enough to me in every dream to achieve success.

Just like in other social media networking success in make money on instagram depends on several steps that must be done in every our activity on there, that is:

1. Make our bio profile become more interesting, trusted and more professional. thereby increasing the confidence and likes of instagram members to join our followers there.

2. Doing post with photos, videos or text regularly every day with a certain amount but with the best photo quality. or if not able to manage it, do post on one post every day.

3. Upload the most qualified photo for each post so it is expected to attract other people's attention on instagram.

4. Using the most popular and relevant hashtags with our niche on each post we create. try using ritetag for each hashtag to be used.

5. Disseminate or promote our bio profile in instagram or any post that we like to other social media networking or to our blog by using widget, button, or banner.

6. Using a follow-exchange site to increase our follower's number in intagram such as like4like, addmefast, followlike etc. By joining and be active on there every day then the number of our follower guaranteed will increased quite drastically, thousands of followers in one month.

Success in increasing the number of follower means will increase the success rate in the effort make money on instagram. Because that means increasing the CTR number on every post we make every day on there.

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