Monday, January 29, 2018

How to Make Money on Quora, the Simple Method

Quora is a social media networking site based on question and ask, there are a few topics that every topic has many questions available. And every topic has a million of folowers, and in every topic there are some favorite authors that get millions of views and thousands of upvotes as well as a large number of followers. In general this site has 400 million members worldwide and PR10 and traffic amount 480 million visits per month.

By looking at the data and the ability of the quora site to make it one of the sites interesting enough to make it as a medium or as a tool to make money with or through it.

Quora sites can not be used to make money directly, unlike youtube with revenue sharing system with adsense or with sponsors on there, quora can only be used indirectly to make money on quora. That is to be an author by giving a quality answer of each questions that are asked by the answer seekers in every topic that exists. By giving a quality answer to cause you as a writer will gained a high reputation, this is based on the number of views and upvote and also the number of our followers. with the rise of our reputation as a writer, then many profitable opportunities that we will get on there.

There are many people who get a good reputation from quora and get records from several industries and get jobs or projects from several different industries . This is the advantage of giving a quality answer and getting it after the next 2 to 3 years

But generally earn money or income from quora can be done with some method, which can be done separately or together:

1. Utilizing the quora to get unlimited traffic to our blog, where in our blog installed ads network and affiliate program in the form banner ads image or text. And they give us money based on the CPM system (cost per thousand impression) or CPC (cost per click), where the standard is between $ 2 - $ 8 per 1000 views depending on where the visitors comes from. Quora has actually contributed in the number of traffic to our blog instead only the present moment but the future will be even more, even 2 years ago from our quality answers that have been installed in the quora.

There is a blog that has claimed that they get a traffic figure of almost 1 million visits over 2 years from just an answer he has given in quora. What if he or we have the same quality answer but in the large quantities, what the number of traffic that we will get?

2. Offering online services through quora, by providing high quality answers where at the end of our answer to a question is inserted link to the landing page of the sales page of our service. Our service offer will improve third-party sites that have a good reputation in this case, the site is sort of fiverr, seoclerks, digitalpoint, etc. Where third parties provide payment gateways, portfolio pages, and various tools, as well as free to join in there. They will only get a fee from each project that we have completed, the amount is between 10% - 15% of the value of the project. While the types of services that can be offered is like the creation of articles, making website design, making banner ads design, icons design or logo design, making backlinks, and so on.

3. Sell homemade products in the form of digital products such as photo, e-book, website design template, icon design, logo design, etc. by using parties third to host the files and with all the facilities including payment gateway, such as clickbank, paydotcom, envanto, dreamstime, 123rf, digitalpoint, etsy, sellfy, etc. While using of quora is to get high traffic to the landing page of the products. And in every answer we have in the quora always include a link that leads to the landing page of the products.

4. Market a product belonging to someone else or a company by joining an affiliate program such as shareasale, cj affiliate, amazon, clickbank, e-bay, etc. Joining on the affiliate program is to earn commissions from our sales of about 10% or more depending on the wisdom of each program. There are many types of products that can be marketed by us. using of quora sites in marketing the products of the affiliate program is directly through the quality answers that we make from a selected question, where in the answer there is a keyword or name and contains a link that leads to the landing page of the affiliate program's product.

5. Utilize a program or site shorten links that can pay us based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) whose value ranges from $ 1 to $ 5 depending on where the visitors come. Shorten link sites that can be used is like,,,, etc.

If from one our answer will get 200,000 views over 2 years means our income is $ 1,000, but if we have 50 quality answers and every answer gets the same views, then our turn is 50X $ 1,000 means $ 50,000 for two years. meaning is about less more $2,000 per month, this is good revenue enough.

6. Seek to get prize provided by industry or individuals for those who are able to provide the best and most qualified answer to a given question. The prize can be worth hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars.

7. Utilize quora as the best traffic source for your video in a certain niche or kayword from a quality answer you provide for questions you have followed. Where your video is on youtube is a source of your income through google adsense or sponsors on there. Traffic from the quora is stable and for a long time.

earning money in quora is just as easy and as difficult as doing it on other great social media networking. Most noticed is perseverance to always search for the most popular questions in the number of views, answers, and followers, and always give full quality answers to the reader.

there are some tips that can be used to optimize your work in making money on quora in brief.

1. Make your bio profile become more professional and reliable. how to see the most successful writers in a particular topic, then copy the ways into our own bio profile.

2. Make a list of the most popular questions in the quora to be answered the next day with complete information and sentences. note the number of views, number of answers, number of followers.

3. Make the most quality answer with the number of characters between 1000 and 2000 which contains information part of the contents of our articles on our blog every day one answer. Where we can put a link in the answer that leads to our blog article that contains more complete information.

4. Complete the answer with an interesting image, graphic, or video that helps the answer.

5. Trying to give an answer from the person who requested our answer sent by quora to our account.

6. Focus on giving quality, long and complete answers rather than chasing large numbers of answers, but short and concise (incomplete).

It is worth noting that using of quora to earn money on there is just one of many ways on the internet. but quora is the best source High quality traffic is a must for us to stay active there.

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